03 November 2008

Who is Rich?

Who is rich? It sounds like an existential question - but it's not. Obama and the Democrats keep redefining what "rich" is. First it was $250,000. Now it's down to $50-70,000. This is the problem when you run an election based along the lines of class warfare and envy. Who is rich? Who is poor? What can the government do to spread the wealth? Paying taxes is patriotic. Not being interested in paying high taxes makes you "selfish". This is the Democratic platform put forth by Obama and Biden. Working hard and being successful is not part of their figurings. If you have money - they'll be happy to take it from you.

Obama keeps repeating that he's going to give a money back to 95% of the American People. That's great, except that 40% of the American People don't actually pay taxes. Hey, that's what you call "spreading the wealth" right?!

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