26 April 2012

Samantha Power is Back... and in Charge

Not Kidding: Obama has New 'Atrocities Czar' by Aaron Klein

It looks like I was wrong about Samantha Power becoming the next Secretary of State (thankfully), but it looks like she has a new position - one that is unelected and has unknown powers. I don't like any of these unelected "czar" positions, especially any with Power in charge.  This is just one more reason to vote against President Obama come November.

25 April 2012

Israel Independence Day - To be a Free People in Our Land

Last week we commemorated Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day. We remember the 6 million Jews that were murdered by the Nazis, 1.5 million of those being children, simply because they were Jewish.

Today we commemorate Yom HaZikaron, The Day of Remembrance - remembering the thousands who fell defending the State of Israel and those who were murdered in terrorist attacks, simply because they were Jewish.

The day immediately following Yom HaZikaron is Yom Ha'atzmaut, Israel Independence Day. A day of celebration - but one that has been tempered by the previous one, and Holocaust Remembrance Day the week before.

We Jews have a long memory. During the summertime, there is the fast day of Tisha B'av, the day that brings to mind the destruction of both Holy Temples in Jerusalem as well as the many tragedies over the past 3000 years that we have survived only by holding tight to our faith in G-d.

This faith in G-d is what has sustained us over the thousands of years since it was certainly not faith in mankind. Every country that we were loyal citizens of forcibly exiled us, leaving us to wander the face of the earth.

The Holocaust, with the destruction of a third of the Jewish People, was the final proof that the world is uninterested (at best) in the security and safety of our people. Even the United States, turned it's back on those refugees trying to enter, forcing them back to Germany, back to their certain deaths. Because of those events, Jews no longer expect or even hope for world "interest". In fact, considering the anti-Jewish/anti-Israel sentiment at the United Nations, we would prefer "disinterest" on their part.

Many cannot understand the Jewish "hang-up" about the Holocaust, why is it not better to forgive and forget. It is clear that their trust has not been shaken by false promises and generations of loyalty shoved back in their faces.

The State of Israel is our safe haven. We no longer have to trust that the world has Jewish interests at heart - when we know they don't. It hurts to think that there was no one on the world stage who stepped up to save those 6 million Jews, and that there wasn't a Jewish state that those Jews could flee to. But it's different now. 64 years later we celebrate and thank G-d for our homeland. We can take care of ourselves - to be a free people in our Land, The Land of Israel.

Yom Ha'atzmaut, Israel Independence Day, is a day that every Jew has paid dearly for in blood. We know that, unfortunately, when push comes to shove, there is nobody out there who "has our back". Talk is cheap. Jewish blood shouldn't be.

17 April 2012

Bill Maher is Trying to be Funny, Again

Bill Maher has never been funny, or even ever clever.

The other day Maher took a shot at Ann Romney, following up on the one by Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen. He attempted to explain how hard it is to go to work every day. Getting up early, getting out of the house on time, going to a job - with a boss you may hate - and not being able to show it, and sticking it out for 8 hours. Wow, sounds tough to me.

I wasn't going to say anything about these attacks on stay-at-home mothers, but Maher clearly no idea what it means to be a "mom" - a stay-at-home, or a working outside the home variety. No idea.

After working in the "real world" for fourteen years, I chose to get married and have a family. I've worked as a substitute teacher, a bookseller, a teacher and have had random other jobs. It was hard. But it was truly not as hard as being a mother. It is the hardest job I've ever had in my life - but also the best one I've ever had in my life. It is a 24/7 job. There are no days off. There are no lunch breaks given, no bathrooms breaks either. You are sleep deprived for months at a time. You may be woken at any point at night, perhaps the baby is hungry, dirty - or G-d forbid sick and you spend the next hour cleaning the baby and the crib. Yeah, that's always fun in the middle of the night.

Raising a child is hard work. Aside from taking care of their physical needs - cleaning, feeding and keeping them safe, there's also the work of teaching that little person about morality - right and wrong and how to treat others. Never mind working on reading, writing and math skills. And no, it's not all on the teachers to do that. Gosh, none of this sounds like hard "work" to me - especially since it's not a paid job, and only paid jobs can really count.

While it is hard work, it is the most rewarding job as well. You can see the development of this person into a real human being that will make the world a better place to live in. It's a huge responsibility to be a part of that. This little person will soon become a contributing member of society and part of that "real world" that Maher is all too concerned about. But, this little person does not enter the world knowing exactly what is expected of them or how to be part of the world around them - without being taught. Not a small task, but a real honor to be part of the creation of the next generation.

It's too bad that most have no idea of the importance of being a mother. Maher certainly has no idea and is clueless at best. That's the best I can say for him - 'cause he surely isn't funny.

16 April 2012

News Wrap-Up

I hope everyone out there had a Happy Passover and a nice Easter holiday.

A lot has been going on in the world over the last few weeks, so I'll give a quick wrap-up.

George Zimmerman has been arrested and charged with 2nd degree murder in the death of Treyvon Martin. I hope that he can get a fair trial. Unfortunately, this case has also brought up the question of gun ownership. Aside from the fact that we don't really know what happened that night between Zimmerman and Martin, there are those out there who assume they have the truth at their fingertips and spew their uneducated opinion and bias against the ownership of guns into the public discourse. It's too bad, of course, that this tragedy also brings collateral damage in its wake.

Rick Santorum has dropped out of the Presidential race. I know that Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul are still out there on the stump, but it is clear that Mitt Romney is going to be the Republican nominee. I know all the arguments against him - he is certainly not a great public speaker - his hard working wife is better - but he is our man. The sooner everyone deals with that reality the better. I like him. And for all those who don't, just remember - we cannot afford four more years with Barack Obama.

And the idiots with the flytilla to Israel. We know that starving people and thousands imprisoned in the gulags in North Korea aren't worth these "protestors" attention. 9,000 men, women and children murdered over in Syria obviously aren't worth these "protestors" attention. Or even the humanitarian crisis in Sudan that actor George Clooney is bringing attention to. I guess that even Clooney can't get these "protestors" attention.

Back to this country - the terrible tornadoes hitting the center of the country. Our thoughts and prayers go out to them.

It's been a busy couple weeks - let's see what the next one brings us. Have a great week!

03 April 2012

Back to School for the President

US President Barack Obama on Monday challenged the "unelected" Supreme Court not to take the "extraordinary" and "unprecedented" step of overturning his landmark health reform law....

"Ultimately, I am confident that the Supreme Court will not take what would be an unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress," Obama said.
President Obama is schooling the Supreme Court on how he thinks the health care case should be settled. Amazing. Can we say 'over-reach'?

As a political commentator (I believe Dana Perino) pointed out today, just because a law is passed by a majority of Congress does not automatically make that law constitutional. This is in addition to the fact of what's truly "unprecedented" here is that the federal government, for the first time in history, is requiring an individual to buy something they hadn't chosen to buy to begin with. One would imagine that a Constitutional professor would know such things.

And something else Ms. Perino pointed out - that if this Court decides that the healthcare law is unconstitutional - it will be considered a hack court. Liberals only show support for the Court when it decides in their favor. Conservatives may not like some decisions, but never say that the Court isn't doing their job honestly.

President Obama doesn't seem to understand that as President he should not be lecturing the Supreme Court in how they should decide cases. We saw that a few years back when he had the nerve to mention how upset he was with a Supreme Court decision in his State of the Union address - with the justices sitting right in front of him. Obnoxious.

Separation of Powers. This phrase doesn't seem to ring a bell with the President. It's too bad. Perhaps it's time for him to get a little schooling of his own.