28 April 2016

Time to Support Trump (sob)

Donald Trump easily swept five primaries yesterday. It was a blowout. We know that Trump is the only one who is mathematically even able to hit the 1237 delegate mark, Ted Cruz cannot (and Rubio is still beating Kasich in delegates.)

Today Cruz announced Carly Fiorina as his VP running mate. Very nice, but what is the point here? The race has been lost. It's time to let it go. I know, he wants to fight it out at the convention. I would agree if the race were neck and neck between Trump and Cruz, but it's not. Trump is way ahead in the number of states he has won. Unless something major happens between today and the convention and Cruz magically makes up a crazy number of states and it becomes even between them - it would be ridiculous not to give the nomination to Trump.

Again, I am not a Trump supporter. Rather, I am simply looking at this race and trying to understand what's going on. For Cruz (and Kasich) to keep fighting is silly. It's time to be gracious losers and bow out.