07 December 2014

The "Peace Process" That Became a Death Sentence

I have waited a while until sitting down to write this piece.

On the morning of November 18th, four rabbis were massacred during morning prayers in a synagogue in the quiet neighborhood of Har Nof, Jerusalem. A Druzi police officer was killed in the line of duty while responding to the attack. I knew one of rabbis, a British man, Rabbi Goldberg, a special man with a special family. We mourn for him and the others who were murdered for being Jews. We pray for the recovery of the other men wounded by these terrorists.

But this attack was not the first on Jews by the Arabs - rather just one in a string of many. Just a few weeks ago a 3 month old infant girl was intentionally run over by a terrorist in his car. Her parents had been waiting 15 years for her arrival. The list of victims is long and painful.

Media commentators were quick to ask following the massacre - How can we move forward after this attack?

The simple answer: We don't.

We don't. The "peace process" is over. In truth, it has been over for a long time - and it is time to declare it dead. If the Arabs had wanted peace, they would have had it. They don't want peace.

After the attack in Har Nof, candy and cookies were being passed around in not only the "extremist" Hamas area of Gaza, but also in the "moderate" areas of the Palestinian Authority as well. Dancing and celebrations in the streets by your everyday "Palestinians". Incitement to violence is coming from the Palestinian Authority "the moderates". These are peace partners?

There are still calls for a "two-state solution" - a Jewish state living side by side with another Arab state (because there simply aren't enough Arab countries in the world). Why create another Arab country? It would become another terrorist nation. These children are taught to hate Jews from the moment they are born - there's no chance for peace this generation or the next.

There are no differences between the "moderate" and the "extremist" Palestinians - both dance in the streets when innocent Jews are murdered, both incite violence and both want Israel wiped off the map. There is no peace and there will be no peace. Declare this death process over.