09 September 2015

It's the End of the World As We Know It, and I Feel Sick

I really have to stop watching the news. It amazes me that the world is falling apart and no one has noticed.  I feel like I'm a Chicken Little crying out that 'the sky is falling' and it's of no consequence to anyone.

Muslim refugees from Syria are being welcomed with open arms, sometimes with applause (like they've accomplished something). Are these people going back to the Middle East anytime soon? Of course not. Hundreds of thousands of Muslims are invading Europe, being hailed almost like conquerers. Charles Martel must be spinning in his grave. Today they are refugees... in five years or even fewer, they will be comfortable in their new host countries, demanding civil rights and social services. Perhaps they will go to the free European universities and wave Hezbollah and Hamas flags, fitting right in with the Boycott Israel crowd.  Modern Europe is dead.  The demographics don't favor the Europeans with their less than replacement birthrate.

The Pope himself has called on parishes across Europe to take in these refugees. Where has he been this past year? Has he brought attention to the destruction of the ancient Christian communities in Syria and across the Middle East? No. It's a disgrace. Christians are being beheaded wholesale, women and children are being sold into sexual slavery and he doesn't say anything worth mentioning. Ah, but the Syrian Muslim refugee crises... and we get a response. I do not understand and I am not impressed.

Of course this is all aside from the Iran deal, giving them billions of dollars to allow them to continue their terrorist activities around the world (the Obama administration expects that they will) - removing sanctions and allowing them to join the nuclear family in 15 years (that's a joke, they'll have it sooner).

This coming week brings us the Jewish holiday of Rosh HaShanah, the Jewish New Year. It's a solemn two day holiday, where we recognize the King of Kings, the Ruler of the Universe. It's the beginning of a time of judgement, not only for the Jewish People, but also for the entire world. We hope and pray that this craziness will end, that there will be true peace for everyone.

It's my prayer that the coming year be full of good news, good health, clarity, and success for everyone out there. Shana Tova U'Mituka! Wishing a Sweet New Year to you all!