08 November 2006

Clueless: The Day After

Clueless, almost like the movie...but not as funny. The day after midterm elections. The House of Representatives has been lost to the Democrats and by the time the recount is finished the Senate will be lost as well. Maybe we can take a morning after pill and make it all go away (those will be legal under the Dems I'm sure).

There are many reasons why the Republicans lost both houses. The main reason is that the Republican Party lost its base and the Democrats actually came out and voted. The conservative base had certain expectations that were not met by the party.

The main concern for both parties would seem to be the Iraq War. The Democrats are playing this as a repudiation of the entire invasion of Iraq and the entire War on Terror, divorcing that conflict from the War on Terror. What is truly dissappointing is not that the Democrats have lost their bearings (they lost that map a long time ago), but that the conservative base lost track of the big picture.

There is a War on Terror, this needs to be made clear. Opening shots of that War started many years ago - way before 9/11. The United States and the world at large has ignored it in the hopes that it would go away. It hasn't. Democracts would like to play the appeasement card - give them what they want, maybe they won't bother us anymore.

Let us take a moment to define terms. Who are "they"? "They" are those who want to destroy Western Civilization. "They" are those who believe they are the ones who should make the rules for the rest of us. "They" are the ones who believe that women have no right to an education or the right to vote. "They" are the Muslims. Yes, I am painting with a broad brush. I have yet to see any Muslim anywhere in the world come out as strongly (riot) as they did when the Pope supposedly insulted them. Or when the Twin Towers fell. Or when pizza parlors were blown up (oh yeah, those were Jews, they don't count). Or when the London Underground was attacked, murdering 50 people. Or when a disaster did not happen - those dozen planes that were to be destroyed over the Atlantic Ocean. We can go on and on. I have yet to see one riot (that's all they do) in the cause of peace, reconciliation and understanding. I am painting with a broad brush because there is absolutely no reason not to.

Now that we have defined terms let us return to the midterm elections. Republicans wanted to see stronger border control, abortion laws made tougher, gay rights turned down and a return to a more traditional perspective on life in general. Conservatives didn't get some of these things from the Republican leadership in Washington DC. Many conservatives became disillusioned and upset, which is understandable. What is not understandable was by focusing on what was not done, conservatives did themselves and the country at large a huge disservice by not voting and not getting involved.

As a result we can now see what is to happen. The "alleged" War on Terror (as the Dems call it) is going to be seriously hindered if not stopped all together. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is in charge - how long is it going to take to roll back what HAS been accomplished: lower taxes, federal judgeships, the fence put up along the southern border, wiretaps etc.?

I was speaking to a lifelong Democrat this morning. He acknowledged that he was a Democrat but then followed that statement with, "but this is no time to elect Democrats." He is absolutely correct. He sees what is going on around the world. Muslims in Australia are told that if women are not dressed "correctly" it can be assumed that they are a piece of meat to be had. Muslims in Tailand are told that they are bringing in Sharia law for family and domestic law. According to the Guardian, "Muslim attitudes in Britain more resembled public opinion in Islamic countries in the Middle East and Asia..." These are only a few examples.

None of this is new, but what is to be done about it? There is a ray of hope here. Now that the Democrats are more than just a group out of power, they are now responsible for their actions. They can no longer be clueless about the world around them. All Americans have to make it clear to those in power that this is not the time to become isolationists. This is the time to fight. If we need more troops in Iraq than send them. This is the time to tell Muslims around the world to put up or shut up. If you are with us, than show us. If not...expect to see the United States Military in all its glory on your doorstep.