21 June 2012

President Obama, the Benevolent Dictator

We're all sitting and holding our collective breath waiting to hear the decision from the Supreme Court about the constitutionality of the health care law. But we shouldn't worry too much, we've been assured by the Obama administration that they have a contingency plan if it is struck down. Mind you, we don't know exactly what the plan is - but I think that we can assume that an Executive Order is what Obama has in mind.

Why not? The Dream Act is the perfect example. When President Obama was unable to pass it through Congress, and when he thought the polls supported it, he bypassed Congress and made it into law by writing an Executive Order. I'm so glad to see how as a Constitutional "scholar" how clearly he understands the separation of powers concept.

It's a scary thought, an Executive branch that can write and pass legislation without the input of Congress. This is exactly the opposite of what a "republic" is. A republic is where the citizens of the country send a legislator to represent them in Congress to write laws for all of us. Instead of respecting the legislative process, President Obama would rather play the part of a benevolent dictator. When he feels it's the "right thing to do" he goes out on his own and writes his own laws. We've seen it recently with the Dream Act, why not with the health care law? And let's think back, is there anything else he wasn't able to get through Congress over the last three and a half years?

20 June 2012

Pushing Egypt into the Abyss

The crowds in Egypt's Tahrir Square have returned in response to the military controlled Supreme Constitutional Court's decision to disband the parliament.  But who are these protestors? They are supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood, the organization that was banned under the dictatorship of Hosni Mubarak, and pro-Islamists. They want to see Egypt turned from a relatively pro-western, secular state to another Islamist one.

The United States is considering withholding 1.3 billion dollars in military aid to Egypt if the democratic process is not respected. But why? It was not secular groups that were elected into power, rather the Muslim Brotherhood and other fundamentalist groups. Even the office of the presidency looks like it has gone to the Brotherhood as well. Is the United States pushing Egypt toward the abyss of Islamic rule?

It's a general rule in the study of political science that democracies do not go to war with each other. While this may hold true in western democracies with similar values, it does not for Islamist states - where war with infidels is expected. We find this in the democratically elected Gaza Strip, where Hamas was their party of choice. At this moment, at least 99 rockets have been shot into southern Israel just over the last three days. It doesn't seem to matter to Hamas that Israel is a democracy as well.

The concept of western style democracy - respect for differing views, opinions and religion - does not exist in the Islamic world. Why is the United States forcing the military to give up power to the Islamists? Are we so blind to think that an Islamic definition of "democracy" is the same as ours? To paraphrase a teacher of mine, "The Middle East is certainly not the middle west."

I do suppose that the United States is being consistent. We helped unseat Hosni Mubarak after he kept the peace in the region for 30 years in the name of democracy. It's only fair to make sure that under free and fair elections, the Islamists that were properly elected be allowed to take power - but democracy for the sake of democracy is a dangerous road to travel, and not one I'd want to take.

14 June 2012

Happy 237th Birthday US Army!

We take a moment today to salute our brave men and women who make up our volunteer army.  237 years strong - keeping us free and liberating millions more around the world. Sincere thanks to these soldiers and their families sacrificing for all of us.

60+ Years of Fighting Terrorism Doesn't Count

This story amazes me, so I'm reprinting the whole article here. It's truly unbelievable, but not totally surprising.

Hillary Clinton snubs Israel, apologizes for US counterterrorism

The United States blocked Israel’s participation in the Global Counterterrorism Forum’s (GCTF) first meeting in Istanbul on Friday, despite Israel’s having one of the most extensive counterterrorism experiences in the world.
Israel was excluded from the meeting due to fierce objections by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a Washington-based source told Globes news…
Twenty-nine countries are participating in the GCTF, ten of which are Arab and/or Muslim countries.

The GCTF was created (and is undoubtedly mostly funded by) the US. According to the State Department,
The U.S. proposed the creation of the GCTF to address the evolving terrorist threat in a way that would bring enduring benefits by helping frontline countries and affected regions acquire the means to deal with threats they face. It is based on a recognition that the U.S. alone cannot eliminate every terrorist or terrorist organization. Rather, the international community must come together to assist countries as they work to confront the terrorist threat.

Given that the most ‘frontline’ country facing terrorist threats is Israel, which has been subjected to terrorism on an almost daily basis since its birth, one would expect that Israel would be among the founding members of the GCTF.

Nope. Israel was not included among the membership, and as we see from the above, is not even permitted to attend its meetings as a non-member.

Do we begin to sense the stench of hypocrisy here, as our State Department happily acquiesces in maintaining Israel’s pariah status for the benefit of the ‘enlightened’ members of this forum like Turkey, Pakistan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia?

The smell gets even stronger as  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, representing the Obama Administration, crawls on her belly to apologize for the behavior of the US:
I am here today also to underscore that the United States will work with all of you to combat terrorists within the framework of the rule of law. Now some believe that when it comes to counterterrorism, the end always justifies the means; that torture, abuse, the suspension of civil liberties – no measure is too extreme in the name of keeping our citizens safe…
I know that the United States has not always had a perfect record, and we can and must do a better job of addressing the mistaken belief that these tactics are ever permissible.That is why President Obama has made our standards very clear. We will always maintain our right to use force against groups such as al-Qaida that have attacked us and still threaten us with imminent attack. And in doing so, we will comply with the applicable law, including the laws of war, and go to extraordinary lengths to ensure precision and avoid the loss of innocent life.

Of course, the Obama Administration has been responsible for many more targeted killings than its predecessor — not that I think that’s a bad thing — but apparently it’s the attitude that’s important.
The real purpose behind the GCTF was made clear at the conference:
“The GCTF sought from the outset to bridge old and deep divides in the international community between Western donor nations and Muslim majority nations. And it has, I think, done that quite effectively,” a top US official said at the press briefing prior to the opening session.

The $90 million so far distributed by the GCTF to ‘frontline’ countries may have helped.

11 June 2012

NY Principal Bans "God Bless the USA" for Kindergarten Graduation

This crazy story caught my attention this afternoon on The Five on FNC. I love this video. It gives me real hope for the future - with a parent like this and her adorable child.

07 June 2012

Bill "Mad-dog" Clinton, the "Gay" Green Lantern, the "Bagless" Torontonian and the Murderous "Palestinians"

Nothing is more fun to watch than a Clinton spurned. Undermining the Obama campaign message everywhere he can and then watching Jay Carney attempt to "walk it back". Good fun had by all.

And Nancy Pelosi is hearing voices. No joke. At a party celebrating her 25 years in Congress "she recounted an unusual anecdote about how the ghosts of past women leaders spoke to her at her first White House meeting as Speaker." Ooooooookay.

In Canadian news - the environmentalists in Toronto have won the day, at least till the lawsuits begin. It's bad enough that retailers are required (with a $10,000 fine if caught) to sell you a plastic bag for 6 cents apiece if you need one, but starting January 1, 2013 there will be no plastic shopping bags to buy - they will be banned. But hey, at least that darn 6 cent bag-tax will be repealed.

And truly annoying, DC comics has decided that Green Lantern is gay. What is the point of this? Is this another way of selling copies like when they knocked off Superman some years ago? Is DC trying to stay relevant? Another way for the media to push an alternative "lifestyle", one only held by less than 2% of the American population? I'm not impressed.

In Middle East news - the "Palestinians" have again shown their true colors. They are terrorists plain and simple. In a show of goodwill, Israel returned the bodies of 91 terrorists who were killed while murdering Israelis. In response, the Palestinian Authority (the "moderates") labeled these terrorists "shahids"/martyrs and called on other Arabs to follow in their examples. True partners in the "peace" process. Talking murder while at the same time supposedly talking peace. Feeling good about that anyone?

06 June 2012

D-Day and the Destruction of Nazism

Today is the anniversary of D-Day, the landing of Allied soldiers on the beaches of Normandy, the bloody beginning of the end of World War II.

These brave men were there to defeat and destroy the evil of Nazism. The military power as well as the ideology. We solute and honor these men and all those who served and gave their lives in this successful endeavor to save the world.

D-Day: 68 years later

Before and after D-Day: Rare color photos

05 June 2012

Mayor Bloomberg Favors Marijuana over Coke

New York City's Mayor Bloomberg has decided to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana. This follows on the heels of a planned ban on 16+ ounces of soda and other sugary drinks. Am I missing something? Is there a rhyme and reason to this somewhere that I can't see? Is marijuana "healthier" than Coke? Can someone out there explain this to me?

01 June 2012

Jerusalem Day, A Modern Day Celebration of Miracles

On May 20th, we celebrated Yom Yerushalayim, Jerusalem Day. A very special day celebrating the reunification of the ancient capital of Israel during the miraculous six day victory in 1967.

The "Palestinians" are unable and unwilling to recognize the 3000 year Jewish connection to this city. They would rather lie and deny the Jews our history. It's nothing new. The "Palestinians" already deny the Holocaust and the murder of 6 million Jews - it's not that difficult to deny the Jewish link to Jerusalem.

Because of Arab denial of Jewish history they were certainly not careful taking care of Jerusalem while they were caretakers of the holy city from 1948-1967. They denied the right of Jews to live there. They destroyed the synagogues, cemeteries were uprooted and gravestones were used as building material. Should any of this surprise us? Absolutely not. The Arabs have no respect for our history, for our living, or our dead.

We celebrate the restoration of our capital city, Jerusalem, for many reasons. We pray three times daily for our capital, for the Holy Temples that stood there, for the third Holy Temple and the world peace that is promised when that time comes - when swords are turned into plowshares.

It's too bad that the Arabs are uninterested in being part of that vision of peace. They have shown time and time again that true peace is certainly not their vision. The murder of all Jews - children as well as adults is their vision of creating peace in the region.

Jerusalem Day is one of celebration - a celebration of 3000 years of Jewish history. A celebration of the triumph of modern day miracles.