01 June 2012

Jerusalem Day, A Modern Day Celebration of Miracles

On May 20th, we celebrated Yom Yerushalayim, Jerusalem Day. A very special day celebrating the reunification of the ancient capital of Israel during the miraculous six day victory in 1967.

The "Palestinians" are unable and unwilling to recognize the 3000 year Jewish connection to this city. They would rather lie and deny the Jews our history. It's nothing new. The "Palestinians" already deny the Holocaust and the murder of 6 million Jews - it's not that difficult to deny the Jewish link to Jerusalem.

Because of Arab denial of Jewish history they were certainly not careful taking care of Jerusalem while they were caretakers of the holy city from 1948-1967. They denied the right of Jews to live there. They destroyed the synagogues, cemeteries were uprooted and gravestones were used as building material. Should any of this surprise us? Absolutely not. The Arabs have no respect for our history, for our living, or our dead.

We celebrate the restoration of our capital city, Jerusalem, for many reasons. We pray three times daily for our capital, for the Holy Temples that stood there, for the third Holy Temple and the world peace that is promised when that time comes - when swords are turned into plowshares.

It's too bad that the Arabs are uninterested in being part of that vision of peace. They have shown time and time again that true peace is certainly not their vision. The murder of all Jews - children as well as adults is their vision of creating peace in the region.

Jerusalem Day is one of celebration - a celebration of 3000 years of Jewish history. A celebration of the triumph of modern day miracles.

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