07 June 2012

Bill "Mad-dog" Clinton, the "Gay" Green Lantern, the "Bagless" Torontonian and the Murderous "Palestinians"

Nothing is more fun to watch than a Clinton spurned. Undermining the Obama campaign message everywhere he can and then watching Jay Carney attempt to "walk it back". Good fun had by all.

And Nancy Pelosi is hearing voices. No joke. At a party celebrating her 25 years in Congress "she recounted an unusual anecdote about how the ghosts of past women leaders spoke to her at her first White House meeting as Speaker." Ooooooookay.

In Canadian news - the environmentalists in Toronto have won the day, at least till the lawsuits begin. It's bad enough that retailers are required (with a $10,000 fine if caught) to sell you a plastic bag for 6 cents apiece if you need one, but starting January 1, 2013 there will be no plastic shopping bags to buy - they will be banned. But hey, at least that darn 6 cent bag-tax will be repealed.

And truly annoying, DC comics has decided that Green Lantern is gay. What is the point of this? Is this another way of selling copies like when they knocked off Superman some years ago? Is DC trying to stay relevant? Another way for the media to push an alternative "lifestyle", one only held by less than 2% of the American population? I'm not impressed.

In Middle East news - the "Palestinians" have again shown their true colors. They are terrorists plain and simple. In a show of goodwill, Israel returned the bodies of 91 terrorists who were killed while murdering Israelis. In response, the Palestinian Authority (the "moderates") labeled these terrorists "shahids"/martyrs and called on other Arabs to follow in their examples. True partners in the "peace" process. Talking murder while at the same time supposedly talking peace. Feeling good about that anyone?

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