28 June 2013

Have A Great Weekend!

Two great articles found in The Patriot Post.

The Consummate Liberal Hypocrites: Do as I Say, Not as I Do - It's a bit long, but I really enjoyed it.

Demography Doesn't Threaten the Jewish State by Jeff Jacoby - Definitely worth the read. The argument that no longer exists examined.

And Melanie Phillips does it again.

The British government's jihad against free thought

It's been a busy time, I do apologize for not writing anything original recently.

Enjoy the articles - have a great weekend.

24 June 2013

George Washington, Iran and the National Health Service

A few articles that I found fascinating.

I love history. I love when you can actually see the actual signatures on paper - it's so easy to learn history, hear the stories - but when you see the physical artifacts, it makes it all real.
Washington penned the letter to Gen. John Armstrong on April 25, 1788. Sent from Mount Vernon, the seven-page missive urged the adoption of the US Constitution and was written at the height of a national debate over ratification.
Letter penned by George Washington pulls in $1.2 million at auction

And two articles from Melanie Phillips. Two different topics, but both very important.

In this piece Ms. Phillips explains that Iran is bent on bringing the 'end of days', bringing their "messiah" by destroying Israel and the United States - and how Britain (and I'd add everyone else) is not taking this threat seriously. I think that we misunderstand the Iranian threat as well - we do not imagine that they have an apocalyptic vision in mind - but they do, and are willing to use that nuclear weapon to bring it about.
A former Iranian diplomat who defected to Norway in 2010 warned: 
‘ “If Iran is given more time, it will acquire the knowledge necessary to build a nuclear bomb within a year.” Asked whether it would use the bomb against Israel, he said: “If Iran gets to the point where it has an atomic bomb, it will certainly use it, against Israel or any other [enemy] country.”  
‘...“They are busying themselves with ideological preparations for the arrival of the hidden Imam and are preparing the ground for that in a practical way; for this purpose, they are willing to spill much blood and destroy many countries.”’
Scary stuff.

How ignorant Britain sneers and sniggers at the threat from Iran

A national catastrophe. National health care. So many have the attitude that if the government is in charge of something - it must be doing it correctly. This thought must be corrected - if the government is in charge of something it is certainly being done incorrectly. Oversight, transparency, competition, accountability - go out the window when a monopoly is in charge. How is it that we have laws against private company monopolies but not against a government monopoly? The same damage is done by any monopoly. The only difference between a private monopoly and a government monopoly is that a private monopoly cannot fine you or send you to jail for not playing by their rules.

The real cover-up at the heart of the National Health Service

21 June 2013

Easy Reading for the Weekend

Just a couple articles to read over the weekend.

The blurry line between Islam and Islamism - right on target.

And as some of us get our kids ready for camp, buying their duffel bags and labeling their clothing, there are other camps out there that sound like a lot of fun - shooting machine guns, playing "kidnap the Israeli soldier", climb and jump over the burning tires (doesn't everyone play that game?) - good fun had by all.

The article does make one small mistake.
Participants wear black uniforms bearing the camp’s slogan in Arabic, with a logo showing two fists, two guns and a map of the Gaza Strip.
That is not a map of the Gaza Strip - that's a map of the State of Israel. These are not the future "liberators" of the Gaza Strip (that makes no sense), these terrorists-in-training have the entire State in their sights.

Peace talks? Two state solution? You have got to be kidding.

Summer camp... Palestinian style: Chilling images show children as young as six firing guns and staging mock kidnapping of Israeli soldier

18 June 2013

Canadian Prime Minister Harper is Awesome!

PM Stephen Harper telling it like it is:
Russia’s support for the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad — who has been accused of killing his own people with sarin gas and other chemical agents — all but guarantees that the G-8 nations will not come to a unanimous decision on how to proceed with assisting Syrian rebels in the country’s ongoing civil war. 
At least one official at the G-8, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, suggested that Russia shouldn’t even be at the table with other world leaders. 
He blasted Russian President Vladimir Putin for supporting the “thugs of the Assad regime” and all but dismissed Russia from meaningful involvement in this week’s talks. 
“I don’t think we should fool ourselves. This is the G-7 plus one. Let’s be blunt, that’s what this is: the G-7 plus one,” Mr. Harper said, according to the Toronto Star.
This is what leading from the front looks like.

Canada’s Harper gives up on Russia, calls summit ‘G-7 plus 1’

17 June 2013

Scandal, Scandal Go Away - Come Again Some Other Day

Well, Obama's done it now, the liberals are finally getting upset.

* Fast and Furious and one dead American border policeman didn't do it.
* Benghazi and the four Americans murdered (one being an ambassador) didn't do it.
* The GSA (General Services Administration) and the IRS spending millions of taxpayer money on 'working vacations', hot tubs and creating spoof Star Trek videos didn't do it.
* The IRS targeting conservative groups didn't do it.
* Spying on Associated Press, CBS, and Fox News reporters didn't do it.

Call tracking and email monitoring of the American public finally got their attention... but so far the liberals just sounds like a small child stomping their foot and pouting. To be sure, liberals will let Obama get away with this one, just like with every other scandal till now.

The Top Twenty Obama Administration Scandals
The Obama Surveillance Revelations Are Pushing Liberals Over the Edge

Thank You Prime Minister Stephen Harper, A True Friend

It's hard not to like Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper. He actually knows what he is talking about. It's such a pleasure to actually listen to someone smart and thoughtful for a change. PM Harper was addressing the Parliament of the United Kingdom last week and mentioned Israel - in a positive way. He didn't have to support Israel in public (most of Israel's "friends" don't) -- he did it because he actually believes in the right of Israel to exist and defend herself. He also broached the topic of anti-Semitism in a country where anti-Semitism is endured by many, especially in academia. We should appreciate what PM Harper did and understand that he really is a true friend to Israel and to Jews everywhere.
“...In the Middle East, its only true western democracy endures, but Israel does so amidst an unrelenting hostility to its very existence by many of its neighbours. 
“A sorry testament to the persistent hatred of the Jewish people, and the moral relativism in so much of world affairs that provides shelter to such anti-Semitism.

“But no such nuance can attach to the Government of Iran and its determination to acquire nuclear weapons. 
“Iran’s leaders openly brag that they will eliminate Israel from the face of the earth. 
“This is a profoundly malevolent regime that threatens us all, and whose first victims are the Iranian people themselves. 
“Canada will continue to urge the international community to show steadfast resolve on Iran in the days ahead...
Statement by the Prime Minister of Canada to the Parliament of the United Kingdom 

16 June 2013

Nazi Found in the United States

A 94 year old Ukrainian Nazi has been found hiding in plain sight in Minneapolis; living in the United States since 1949. What amazes me the most is that he actually wrote an easy to find memoir about his time as a Nazi commander during World War II. I'm glad he lived long enough for him to be found to bring him to justice.

Shock Lingers After Nazi Unit Leader Found in U.S.

10 June 2013

On Life and Lizards

While reading the National Post this weekend, I came across two very different articles that were worth sharing.

This first one is just such a nice article about Esther Williams. I knew nothing of her before this, other than her name. It seems like she really knew what her priorities were.
“I’ve been a lucky lady,” she said in a 1984 interview. “I’ve had three exciting careers. Before films I had the experience of competitive swimming, with the incredible fun of winning. … I had a movie career with all the glamour that goes with it. That was ego-fulfilling, but it was like the meringue on the pie. My marriage with Fernando — that was the filling, that was the apple in the pie.”
Esther Williams dead at 91: Swim champ turned Hollywood starlet in '40s

On the other hand we've got Alice Walker, who I think will win the "crazy" award for the day (or for the year).
Earlier this year, Walker wrote a post on her personal blog entitled “Human Race Get Off Your Knees: I couldn’t have put it better myself.” Students of conspiracy theories will recognize “Human Race Get Off Your Knees” as the title of a 2010 book by British paranoiac David Icke, a one-time professional soccer player who has spent the last two decades promoting the idea that Planet Earth is secretly controlled by giant inter-dimensional lizards who have taken human form (Queen Elizabeth and Bob Hope being two examples he has supplied), and operate terrestrially through a Dan Brown-esque secret society called “the Babylonian Brotherhood,” whose offshoots include the CIA and Mossad.
Where Israel hatred meets space lizards  - no joke, seriously, read it :)

06 June 2013

What's the Trouble With Samantha Power?

The fact that Susan Rice was appointed National Security Advisor to President Obama is a joke, and not all that important. She's a good soldier who follows orders, even when it makes her look stupid.

The big news is Samantha Power. I've been all over her since 2008. Here are those links.

Yes, You Are Judged By The Company You Keep (March 2008)
Obama's Anti-Israel Advisors (December 2008)
Is Samantha Power The Next Secretary of State? (2011) Here's the video of her talking about possible military intervention in Israel to save the "Palestinians" from genocide.
Samantha Power is Back... and in Charge (2012)

05 June 2013

It's Hard To See With Your Eyes Closed (the Sequel)

Last week I wrote "It's Hard To See With Your Eyes Closed" about how Islam itself is the problem that the Western world is facing - not 'fanatical' or 'extremist' Islam - just plain ole' Islam... that the more religious a Muslim becomes, the more problematic he is.

When I wrote that article, I used for an example the Muslims who murdered Lee Rigby, the young British soldier (and father/husband/son/friend). I also used the Muslim who attacked a French soldier in Paris. And of course the Boston Bombers (sounds like a baseball team, doesn't it?)

It was silly, of course, to forget to include our "workplace violence" incident at Fort Hood. Major Nidal Hasan, who murdered 13 of his fellow American soldiers while announcing "Allahu Akbar" back in November of 2009. He will be representing himself soon at his trial. Jury selection started today. I'm sure we'll be hearing more about how his god is so great.

It was also very neglectful of me to also forget to mention the VIA Rail plot that was stymied by the RCMP here in Canada. The brilliant idea of attacking a passenger train near Toronto was cooked up by two 'religiously strict' Muslims.

This also isn't the first time we have seen Muslims in Canada becoming religious and consequently terrorists.
'Toronto 18' case a first sign 'good Canadian boys' are being radicalized too 
Investigation finds third possible Canadian suspect in Algeria terror attack

We find example after example of the same pattern. As a Muslim becomes more religious he becomes more of a threat to the general "infidel" society. While it should be easy to spot this pattern as it happens all over the world - in liberal Europe, multicultural Canada and in the freedom loving United States - we know that it is extremely hard to see with your eyes closed. What? You don't see anything?

03 June 2013

Red Army Jews and Senator Frank Lautenberg (No Connection)

I'm feeling a bit random today, so I thought I'd share two different things with you.

First, I really enjoyed this article, a fascinating look at the Jews who fought for the Soviet Union during World War II.
A Rabbi Honors the Red Army's Jewish Veterans

Second, I also liked the Republican Jewish Coalition's statement on the passing of Senator Frank Lautenberg. I'll post it here.
Washington, D.C. (June 3, 2013) – The Republican Jewish Coalition notes the passing today of Sen. Frank Lautenberg. 
RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks said, “Frank Lautenberg was a staunch supporter of Israel and a leader in Jewish communal life. He served his country during World War II and in decades of dedicated public service. His work in the Senate helped thousands of Soviet Jews and other victims of religious persecution to reach freedom. He was a proud Jew and a proud American. May his family and friends be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.”

02 June 2013

Save Our Children: Finally Talking School Safety

This article popped up about a two weeks ago in the local free throw-away newspaper here in Toronto. I've included it here in its totality. This is the first I have heard anything on the topic of school safety - aside from the useless anti-gun rhetoric - that looks like people are actually and finally thinking clearly.

The National Rifle Association was mocked for suggesting proactive action - when stating an obvious truth that "the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. But 'proactive action' is what saves lives. Hiding and waiting for the police costs lives.
Ontario educators are being asked to consider using desks and tables to barricade doors or to evacuate students when intruders force their way into schools, following in the footsteps of U.S. schools where the guidelines are moving toward the three Ds: delay, deter and defend. 
The Ontario College of Teachers is holding a symposium Wednesday morning featuring two U.S. safety experts who say merely locking school doors and hiding under desks or huddling in one corner of the room during a crisis - measures typically taken in Canadian schools under a "lockdown"- makes teachers and students sitting ducks. 
"There's a pretty dramatic shift underway in the U.S., from the more traditional 'hide-out-and-hope-for-the best' sort of approach, which is what typically associated with lockdowns" where everyone waits for the police to arrive, said Amy Klinger, director of programs for the non-profit Educators' School Safety Network, who has worked with police chiefs and U.S. Homeland Security. 
"But if you look at past events - Columbine, Virginia Tech - events in the U.S. and internationally, a lot of the times they happen so quick that law enforcement can't get there in time." 
The shift in thinking in the U.S. started thinking about four or five years ago, said Klinger.
The thinking is "the three outs - get out, hide out or fight your way out," she added. "It started with the government and offices and adults, and now it is working its way down into schools.
It is about time that we begin thinking about school safety. Our public figures have armed security. Our celebrities have armed security. Our banks and our public arenas have armed security. Why is it that our most vulnerable of our society, our children, are sitting ducks?

Proper Focus is Key
A Columbine Survivor Tell President Obam to Man Up
NRA In Action [vs. Gun Banners' Inaction]
Active Shooters in Schools: The Enemy is Denial
NRA School Shield