10 June 2013

On Life and Lizards

While reading the National Post this weekend, I came across two very different articles that were worth sharing.

This first one is just such a nice article about Esther Williams. I knew nothing of her before this, other than her name. It seems like she really knew what her priorities were.
“I’ve been a lucky lady,” she said in a 1984 interview. “I’ve had three exciting careers. Before films I had the experience of competitive swimming, with the incredible fun of winning. … I had a movie career with all the glamour that goes with it. That was ego-fulfilling, but it was like the meringue on the pie. My marriage with Fernando — that was the filling, that was the apple in the pie.”
Esther Williams dead at 91: Swim champ turned Hollywood starlet in '40s

On the other hand we've got Alice Walker, who I think will win the "crazy" award for the day (or for the year).
Earlier this year, Walker wrote a post on her personal blog entitled “Human Race Get Off Your Knees: I couldn’t have put it better myself.” Students of conspiracy theories will recognize “Human Race Get Off Your Knees” as the title of a 2010 book by British paranoiac David Icke, a one-time professional soccer player who has spent the last two decades promoting the idea that Planet Earth is secretly controlled by giant inter-dimensional lizards who have taken human form (Queen Elizabeth and Bob Hope being two examples he has supplied), and operate terrestrially through a Dan Brown-esque secret society called “the Babylonian Brotherhood,” whose offshoots include the CIA and Mossad.
Where Israel hatred meets space lizards  - no joke, seriously, read it :)

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