17 June 2013

Thank You Prime Minister Stephen Harper, A True Friend

It's hard not to like Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper. He actually knows what he is talking about. It's such a pleasure to actually listen to someone smart and thoughtful for a change. PM Harper was addressing the Parliament of the United Kingdom last week and mentioned Israel - in a positive way. He didn't have to support Israel in public (most of Israel's "friends" don't) -- he did it because he actually believes in the right of Israel to exist and defend herself. He also broached the topic of anti-Semitism in a country where anti-Semitism is endured by many, especially in academia. We should appreciate what PM Harper did and understand that he really is a true friend to Israel and to Jews everywhere.
“...In the Middle East, its only true western democracy endures, but Israel does so amidst an unrelenting hostility to its very existence by many of its neighbours. 
“A sorry testament to the persistent hatred of the Jewish people, and the moral relativism in so much of world affairs that provides shelter to such anti-Semitism.

“But no such nuance can attach to the Government of Iran and its determination to acquire nuclear weapons. 
“Iran’s leaders openly brag that they will eliminate Israel from the face of the earth. 
“This is a profoundly malevolent regime that threatens us all, and whose first victims are the Iranian people themselves. 
“Canada will continue to urge the international community to show steadfast resolve on Iran in the days ahead...
Statement by the Prime Minister of Canada to the Parliament of the United Kingdom 

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