21 June 2013

Easy Reading for the Weekend

Just a couple articles to read over the weekend.

The blurry line between Islam and Islamism - right on target.

And as some of us get our kids ready for camp, buying their duffel bags and labeling their clothing, there are other camps out there that sound like a lot of fun - shooting machine guns, playing "kidnap the Israeli soldier", climb and jump over the burning tires (doesn't everyone play that game?) - good fun had by all.

The article does make one small mistake.
Participants wear black uniforms bearing the camp’s slogan in Arabic, with a logo showing two fists, two guns and a map of the Gaza Strip.
That is not a map of the Gaza Strip - that's a map of the State of Israel. These are not the future "liberators" of the Gaza Strip (that makes no sense), these terrorists-in-training have the entire State in their sights.

Peace talks? Two state solution? You have got to be kidding.

Summer camp... Palestinian style: Chilling images show children as young as six firing guns and staging mock kidnapping of Israeli soldier

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