17 June 2013

Scandal, Scandal Go Away - Come Again Some Other Day

Well, Obama's done it now, the liberals are finally getting upset.

* Fast and Furious and one dead American border policeman didn't do it.
* Benghazi and the four Americans murdered (one being an ambassador) didn't do it.
* The GSA (General Services Administration) and the IRS spending millions of taxpayer money on 'working vacations', hot tubs and creating spoof Star Trek videos didn't do it.
* The IRS targeting conservative groups didn't do it.
* Spying on Associated Press, CBS, and Fox News reporters didn't do it.

Call tracking and email monitoring of the American public finally got their attention... but so far the liberals just sounds like a small child stomping their foot and pouting. To be sure, liberals will let Obama get away with this one, just like with every other scandal till now.

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