14 January 2015

If It Looks Like a Duck

I think that the President of the United States and his mouthpiece Josh Earnest, could use a refresher course on how to identify ducks given by my three year old daughter. In other words, if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and walks like a duck… it may be… a duck.

Even after the dual massacres in Paris this week, the President could not commit himself to uttering two simple words - “radical Islam” – and could not show his face to march with other world leaders to protest against it.

It’s not a big surprise. In 2009, Major Nidal Hassan murdered 13 of his fellow soldiers, and wounded 28 more, while yelling “Allahu Akbar”. The government classified the shooting as an act of “workplace violence”.

Rather than focus on “radical Islam”, the Obama Administration will be hosting a summit on countering violent extremism. In Josh Earnest’s words, the summit is “made even more imperative in light of recent, tragic attacks in Ottowa, Sydney and Paris.”

What do those attacks in Ottowa, Sydney and Paris have in common? Let us try and figure it out. Perhaps the Parisian Buddists are rioting again over the cartoons depicting the Dalai Lama, by murdering magazine staff and people shopping at Kosher grocery stores. Or the Mormon extremists who took over a coffee shop in Sydney and threatened their hostages’ lives. Or, the Amish have had enough of those “Amish jokes” and attacked Canadian Parliament to let everyone know that they are not happy. Maybe, just maybe, that’s what Earnest must have been talking about when he was talking about the summit countering “violent extremism”.

It’s almost comical if this denial of reality were not so deadly. Radical Islam has declared war on anyone and everyone who disagrees with their worldview. Whether attacks are orchestrated by Al-Qeada or by ‘lone wolves’, the results are the same.

Perhaps a review would help. If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and shouts ‘Allahu Akbar’ as it shoots up a room full of political cartoonists, it may very well be radical Islam at work.

07 December 2014

The "Peace Process" That Became a Death Sentence

I have waited a while until sitting down to write this piece.

On the morning of November 18th, four rabbis were massacred during morning prayers in a synagogue in the quiet neighborhood of Har Nof, Jerusalem. A Druzi police officer was killed in the line of duty while responding to the attack. I knew one of rabbis, a British man, Rabbi Goldberg, a special man with a special family. We mourn for him and the others who were murdered for being Jews. We pray for the recovery of the other men wounded by these terrorists.

But this attack was not the first on Jews by the Arabs - rather just one in a string of many. Just a few weeks ago a 3 month old infant girl was intentionally run over by a terrorist in his car. Her parents had been waiting 15 years for her arrival. The list of victims is long and painful.

Media commentators were quick to ask following the massacre - How can we move forward after this attack?

The simple answer: We don't.

We don't. The "peace process" is over. In truth, it has been over for a long time - and it is time to declare it dead. If the Arabs had wanted peace, they would have had it. They don't want peace.

After the attack in Har Nof, candy and cookies were being passed around in not only the "extremist" Hamas area of Gaza, but also in the "moderate" areas of the Palestinian Authority as well. Dancing and celebrations in the streets by your everyday "Palestinians". Incitement to violence is coming from the Palestinian Authority "the moderates". These are peace partners?

There are still calls for a "two-state solution" - a Jewish state living side by side with another Arab state (because there simply aren't enough Arab countries in the world). Why create another Arab country? It would become another terrorist nation. These children are taught to hate Jews from the moment they are born - there's no chance for peace this generation or the next.

There are no differences between the "moderate" and the "extremist" Palestinians - both dance in the streets when innocent Jews are murdered, both incite violence and both want Israel wiped off the map. There is no peace and there will be no peace. Declare this death process over.

29 October 2014

Moral Equivalency Gone Wrong

NBC is doing a spread about the 14 year old "Palestinian" American citizen who was killed by the Israel Defense Forces. Why was he killed? It wasn't random, he was throwing molotov cocktails at Israeli cars - an act that could potentially wound and murder innocents. His father denies his actions and says "and he's a kid." In the US, 14 years old "kids" have been charged as adults for murder. Kids who are attempting to murder need to be stopped, even by lethal force. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

What is even more ridiculous is that NBC is making an absurd and disgusting comparison.
Palestinian-American Orwah had been shot dead in a confrontation with Israeli forces in his hometown of Silwad, the second U.S. child to die in unrest which boiled over last week. On Wednesday, a Palestinian man plowed into a crowd at a transit stop, killing a three-month-old Israeli-American baby. A 22-year-old tourist from Ecuador later died from her injuries in that attack.
NBC is comparing the death of this "kid" to another child - a three month girl who was intentionally attacked by a terrorist who plowed his car into her carriage and into a crowd waiting for transportation. A pure innocent, whose parents waited years for her arrival.

Is there any comparison to be made here? No comparison whatsoever. A long-awaited baby versus someone doing his best to murder others. There's something wrong with this picture.

What subjective, moral equivalency garbage is NBC spewing?

28 October 2014

Thank You Cpl. Nathan Cirillo

Today was the funeral of Corporal Nathan Cirillo who was murdered by a terrorist while on ceremonial guard at the National War Memorial. It's a sad day for many reasons, the main one being that Cirillo was a single parent to his five year old son. It doesn't get worse than that.

To help Corporal Cirillo's son please go to any TD bank and ask to donate to the Marcus Cirillo Trust.

Or go to: truepatriotlove.com and earmark funds for Cirillo or to standonguardfund.com

Thank you for your service Corporal Cirillo.

26 October 2014

Canada Requires Identification to Vote

Tomorrow my city will be having municipal/local elections. I'm not yet a citizen here yet, but it is always fascinating to watch the political process work. Those looking to be elected are knocking on my door and giving me reading material. I will say that I definitely lean toward those whose material is positive and informative, telling me about the candidate and their community work - rather than those who attack and are negative.

For my liberal friends in the United States who think that Canada has the right way of doing things, I want to point to the fact that you must bring IDENTIFICATION! with you to vote. Yes, IDENTIFICATION!

Here is a listing of what constitutes acceptable identification.

Just thought I'd let you know.

23 October 2014

Those Damn Amish "Extremists"

In today's New York Times we find a fascinating article, entitled "In the West, a Growing List of Attacks Linked to Extremism".

Whose "extremism" may we ask? Perhaps the Buddists are rioting again over the cartoons depicting the Dalai Lama, by murdering innocents and burning cars in the streets. Or the Mormon extremists beheading those from other religions for drinking liquor or letting their women walk unescorted by a male relative. Oh, perhaps the Amish decided to end it once and for all with those pesky Mennonites. Yeah, that must be it.

We all know who the article focuses on... you guessed it - Islam. Shocking, I know.

The article starts with the recent attacks in Canada and works backward, including such attacks as the beheading in Oklahoma (classified as "workplace violence"), the murder of three at the Jewish Museum in Brussels, the murder of a British soldier on the streets of London, the murder of three French soldiers and three Jewish children and rabbi at a school (two separate attacks), the Fort Hood massacre (another act of "workplace violence"), and a couple of others.

Of course, the terrorism that strikes Jews daily in Israel is not included in this listing. Perhaps it isn't really terrorism when a three month old baby girl is murdered by a Muslim terrorist, completely ignored by the media in the wake of the attacks in Ottawa. Three months old. Jews murdered in their homeland, in Israel, young or old, don't count as terrorism.

While this week we have seen 'lone-wolf' attacks on our police and uniformed soldiers, it is only a matter of time before we will see these kind of attacks on civilians, the same attacks that Israel sees on a regular basis.

I'm glad to see that the New York Times is finally catching on to the dangers of the "extremists" among us - it's just too bad that they can't see the bigger picture... we are at war.

Attack on NYC police
As US stood silent, Palestinian hate kills 3-month-old
Anti-Israel Bias in One Headline (or Three)
World War III has begun

22 October 2014

Prime Minister Harper's Address to the Nation

An Open Letter to President Obama

Dear President Obama,

Your statement today about the shootings that took place in Ottawa this morning were incredibly insensitive and disrespectful toward Prime Minister Harper and the Canadian people at large.

The Canadian public was in shock today, glued to their television screens as events unfolded. Knowing that the soldier on guard at the National War Memorial (akin to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier) was shot and later died, and that there was an attack on Parliament itself, is numbing.

To idiotically state that...
"We don’t yet have all the information about what motivated the shooting. We don’t yet have all the information about whether this was part of a broader network or plan, or whether this was an individual or series of individuals who decided to take these actions. But it emphasizes the degree to which we have to remain vigilant when it comes to dealing with these kinds of acts of senseless violence or terrorism...."
Really Mr. President?! Really? We don't know "what motivated the shooting"? The Prime Minister has already determined that todays acts were terrorism. Terrorism. Or is that too harsh a word for you to say? Is "workplace violence" easier for you?

You disrespect Prime Minister Harper by assuming that you must know better - it couldn't possibly be terrorism... or perhaps it is as you suggest... "senseless violence".

These were not random targets. The National War Memorial, honoring the soldiers who gave their lives in defense of their country and western values. Parliament itself, the heart of the nation. A nation that believes in democracy and equal rights for all people.

Earlier in your statement, you refer to the attack on another two soldiers that occurred just two days ago - also, determined by the Canadian government to be a terrorist attack. You refer to it as a vague "attack". Would you rather call this also an act of "workplace violence"? And since both the attacks on Monday and this morning were by recent converts to Islam are we to be assured that Islam had nothing to do with either one?

As an American living in Canada, I am embarrassed by your response - an insensitive, disrespectful statement blind to the obvious murderous attack on western civilization.

No, Not "Workplace Violence"

I'm watching CBC coverage of the shooting in Ottawa. Peter Mansbridge, chief anchor of The National news program, was interviewing a police officer about details of the shooting.  I am still amazed - Mansbridge managed to ask him if this mornings shootings were terrorism, without actually using the word "terrorism". He couched the question along the lines of - were these attacks related to the attack in Quebec. Really?! You can't ask the basic question - "Was this a terrorist attack?" No, guess not. A-ma-zing.

Just another thought. The shooting at the National War Memorial was significant. It's like shooting the soldiers watching over the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. It's a spit in our face - our honored dead don't matter.

Terrorist Attacks in Canada

Crazy week in Canada, generally quiet country located north of the United States.

Monday, two soldiers were attacked by an Islamist - one has unfortunately died.

Right now, there are reports of three shootings in Ottawa, capital of Canada. One on Parliament Hill, one at the War Memorial and a third near a shopping mall.

The War Memorial is like the US's Tomb of the Unknown Soldier - the two soldiers there were standing guard and one of them was shot and taken to the hospital. The media doesn't have his condition yet.

Since this was a coordinated attack and where the shootings took place, I am going to call this a terrorist attack.

'Radicalized' Quebecer shot dead after running down 2 soldiers in suspected terrorist attack

13 October 2014

Never Again?

Pathetic. Just pathetic.

It's reality television for real. We're watching Kobane, a city of Kurds being slowly overrun by ISIS terrorists and nothing is being done to save them. No, five airstrikes a day isn't cutting it. These Muslim barbarians from the 7th century don't even notice the mosquito bites of the missiles we're sending to stop them. Why should they? This is a joke of an air campaign. "Shock and Yawn" it's being called by our airmen.

The Kurds will be fighting until the last man/woman is beheaded. Thousands will be massacred. Don't worry, the U.S. cavalry isn't coming.  We'd rather watch our 24/7 news cycle with our Commander-in-Chief buying time until midterm elections.

Liberals today are all concerned about 'climate change' and 'equal pay' but when something really important - like lives - are at stake, they can't be bothered. Ancient Christians? Kurds? Yazidi? Never heard of them.

Good thing it isn't 1941. While President Franklin Roosevelt didn't attempt to bother saving the Jews, he had enough sense to see that the Nazis were a serious threat and threw everything we had at them.

"Never Again"?


15 September 2014

Prime Minister Harper, a Real Leader

While President Obama attempts to sound serious about bombing ISIS, I want to point to Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada, who gets totally ignored by American news. He has had no qualms about calling a spade, a spade.
"Canadians are rightly sickened by ISIL's savage slaughter of anyone who doesn't share their twisted view of the world,' Harper told Conservative supporters. "We know their ideology is not the result of 'social exclusion' or other so-called root causes. It is evil, vile, and must be unambiguously opposed."
"Evil", "vile". Clear enough?

This is the same PM Harper who stood solidly behind Israel during the latest war with the Gaza terrorists, unlike President Obama who seemed to think that Israel had the right to defense, but only up to a point - killing too many terrorists just was not acceptable.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper reiterated his government’s hard line on Hamas Wednesday, saying the organization is solely responsible for the death and destruction in Gaza following almost a month of fighting between Israel and Hamas militants. 
“Obviously no one likes to see the suffering and loss of life that has occurred,” Harper told reporters in Air Ronge. 
“That said, we hold the terrorist organization Hamas responsible for this. They have initiated and continue this conflict and continue to seek the destruction of the state of Israel.”
PM Harper has also imposed serious sanctions on Russia for the invasion of Ukraine.

Prime Minister Harper has a clear picture of what the world, who is evil and who is trying to defend their people from evil - he is a true leader. Leaders are hard to come by these days - unafraid to speak the truth.