12 September 2016

Is there something wrong with Hillary?

Is there something medically wrong with Hillary Clinton? We don't know... and we won't know until she collapses... oh, wait - she did that already. Surprise, her campaign has announced that she was diagnosed with pneumonia last Friday. Were they going to mention it to anyone?

The problem with Hillary is that you never actually know when she's telling the truth. Maybe it is pneumonia, maybe it isn't. There's no chance she's going to be transparent about her health.

CNN made a documentary about Hillary titled "Unfinished Business". I didn't watch it. I don't have the time in my life to spend thinking deeply about her. However, the title bothered me. It assumed that she has a right to the presidency. Her life is not complete without becoming the President of the United States. Hillary Clinton is a lawyer in her own right (also being fired for being unethical). She's been the 1st Lady. She's also been a US Senator and Secretary of State.  These are all respectable roles for anyone to have and be perfectly happy walking away feeling accomplished (whether or not they *actually* were accomplished is something else). But not Hillary Clinton, she has "unfinished business".

Truthfully, I'd like to see both candidates examined by an independent 3rd party doctor who has no skin in the game. Good luck with that. So instead, we'll wait and see what is served to us next by the Clinton campaign.

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