14 September 2016

Maybe I'll Actually Vote *For* Trump


I caught the last 15 minutes of Donald Trump's Child Care announcement last night. I'm not a huge fan of Trump (at all), but I dislike and distrust Hillary Clinton even more. Finally last night, Trump may have me on board, actually voting for him rather than against Hillary. He outlined a proposal for helping women and their families with their child care expenses. Including... giving tax child care tax breaks for stay at home mothers - finally recognizing their financial worth. I also like the tax free "dependent accounts" that can be used toward school choice - another important issue that could make a real difference in our poor urban areas.

I'm excited (finally). I've started looking over the proposal, I haven't finished, but it makes sense.

If Trump can stay on message, he may have a chance.

The Trump Plan Will Help Working Mothers 

'We'll start with that child!': Trump works squealing BABY into speech on erasing crippling childcare and providing six weeks of paid leave to new moms - as toddler (and Ivanka) steal the show 

Trump/Pence website

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