14 October 2016

Trump's Women and Where to go from Here

...And here we go.

Women have started coming out of the woodwork accusing Trump of assaulting them. It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. Are these women being truthful? Are they there simply to destroy Trump as per a Democratic playbook? The answer is that it does not matter. After the audio going public of Donald Trump bragging about what he can do to women (and denying that he actually did it), it really doesn't matter if these women are for real or not. All that matters now is that it is plausible that they were assaulted. Plausibility matters.

The question is what Vice President Mike Pence is going to do now. He seems like a decent guy. What does he want to do? If he drops out, what happens? Does that take down the whole ticket? I really don't know. What would be good would be for Trump to step aside (Hillary should too) and for Pence to replace him at the top of the ticket and make a woman his vice presidential pick. I would like to see Joni Ernst, senator from Iowa after having served in the military for 23 years. I would also be happy to see Susana Martinez, very successful governor of New Mexico in the VP slot.

We have about a month to go. Trump looks like he plans on spending these last few days defending himself from these charges - which means he will lose. Trump may lose anyway even if he doesn't spend the time defending himself. The GOP may still have a chance to turn this whole election on its head - if - they can get rid of Trump and get themselves a respectable ticket. Hillary Clinton is a terrible candidate, and anyone other than Trump would have an easy time beating her. It may be time to consider other options.

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