09 November 2008

Get Rid of Affirmative-Action!

No matter how problematic Obama's policies are, Americans can be proud and excited about having elected our first black man to the office of the Presidency.  This certainly is an historic moment.

What I am most excited about is that the excuses are gone.  American blacks can no longer say that they are unable to reach the highest office of the land.  There is no longer a "glass-ceiling" getting in the way.  Therefore, it is certainly time to get rid of the affirmative-action policies that hold African-Americans back.

Affirmative-action may have been necessary 50 years ago, but not any more.  Affirmative-action is not a positive for blacks.  Seeing a black student at Harvard, one might ask themselves - did they work for that spot in an such a prestigious university or was it given to them?  It is unfair to that student for anyone to have to think that way... especially when it is their own hard work that got them there.  On the other hand, it is also unfair to that student, through affirmative-action policies to be given that opportunity and fail when they are placed somewhere where they are unable to seriously compete.

It is time for African-Americans to take a look at their own communities and see that it is not the "white man" holding them back, but their own sense of victimhood and the breakdown of the black family.  They can now look at Barack Obama, our new president-elect and see for themselves that it is hard work that brings you the results you desire, and nothing less than incredible hard work.

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