02 November 2008

A True Story from Queens, New York

I received this story from a friend.  It made my day!

This happened to a good friend of mine, told to me this morning.

Last night on a bus to Queens

A friend of mine who is a huge McCain/Palin supporter and also happens to be gay was on a very crowded bus headed for Queens.  He had a number of McCain/Palin campaign buttons pinned to his work bag.  All of a sudden this moonbat in his late 40s with long greasy hair and a black trench coat stands over him and starts eyeballing the buttons on his bag and begins to mutter to himself.  My friend asked him if he had a problem and the moonbat said something about those 'ugly buttons' and how he's been brainwashed.  My friend said, 'look, I don't have anything to say to you.  You can think whatever you like.'  The moonbat started going off about how bad America is and awful this country is.  

Suddenly, an Iraqi man a seat away gets up and says, 'You can't say that.  America is a great country.  I came here from Iraq 10 years ago to escape Saddam.  I am an American citizen now.  The Americans saved my country and freed my people.  I will never go back there because I love it here.  America is the greatest place.  I have a business here and a good life thanks to America.  I am voting for McCain.'

The moonbat then said, 'Then you both must be listening to those Nazis.'  Then an older Jewish woman gets up and elbows her way through the crowd.  She said, 'I survived the Holocaust.  I lived under the Nazis.'  She pulled up her sleeve and showed her concentration camp tattoo.  She went on, 'You should be ashamed of yourself for comparing the United States to Nazis!  How dare you!'  The moonbat moved away still muttering.  Clearly outflanked.

Then another woman sitting nearby leaned over to my friend and said, 'Thank you.  Before now I didn't know who to vote for.  But if that guy is one of Obama's fans then I am voting for McCain!'  The bus pulled over and through the window everyone saw the moonbat go flying out and hit cement, his bag on the ground, his papers scattered and his commie socialist newspapers blowing in the wind.  Then this other guy onboard who was quiet all along said in his heavy NY accent, 'Just call me Vinny the Plumber.  I do things the Queens way, I tripped the m*therf*****r!


Shira said...

It's about time that people stand up for what's right!

AP said...

LOL! Great story!
- Adina