02 November 2008

Senator Obama's Resume

I got this email from a friend outlining brilliantly some of the problems that we have with Barack Obama.  

With the election only days away, I feel compelled to send this email to alert my friends, family, and others whose emails I happen to have to the danger than an Obama presidency would pose to the United States, Israel, and the world, and the necessity of electing a proven leader like Senator John McCain.  Senator Obama has been very clear about how he would lead this nation; do not say you did not know.

He says, "before an expansion of nuclear power in considered, key issues must be addressed including: security of nuclear fuel and waste, waste storage, and proliferation" (pg.6).  This means, in practice, that he opposes nuclear power.  We know how to safely dispose of the waste; France does it every year, to the tune of 75% of its power.

* Are you not troubled that Senator Obama is not serious about energy independence?  He waxes long about solar power, wind power, and ethanol, none of which is close to being practically usable on a large scale.  Yet he opposes drilling outside the areas already set aside on the Continental Shelf.  Yes, I know, Senator McCain opposes drilling in ANWR.  I disagree with him on that.

Since when does the government have the right to tell a company, "You have made too much money this year.  We will tell you what you may do with your record profits"?  And why stop with the oil companies?  Why not tell the same thing to Microsoft?  Why not the trial lawyers, with their tobacco lawsuits?  Why not Senator Obama himself with his book deals?  Because the oil companies, who set their prices according to OPEC's price per barrel, are seen as evil and greedy.  Not like the workers' and teachers' unions, who exist only for the betterment of society, right?  Are you not troubled by this extreme government interference in the free market?  Of a politician telling a company, "You have made too much money this year!"?

* Senator Obama has been wrong on three major foreign policy/security issues:
1. Despite overwhelming evidence (according to major Democrats) that Saddam Hussein had WMDs, Senator Obama is against the Iraq War.  (Before you say, "Bush lied, people died!" see this LA Times article by an editor at the New Republic.)  Are you not troubled that our potential Commander-in-Chief does not support this war despite a real threat to American interests, despite overwhelming evidence?
2. He then opposed the Surge.  When the Surge worked (according to his own words!) he could not admit that he had been wrong to oppose it from the start (find the line of questioning that begins, "I think you were desperately wrong on the surge" and take it from there.)  Are you not troubled that Senator Obama voted against a military strategy that has been incredibly successful?
3. When Russia invaded Georgia in August, Senator Obama's first reaction was to call on both Russia and Georgia to show restraint.  Er?  Russia invaded Georgia!  Can you image someone on September 2, 1939, calling on both Germany and Poland to show restraint?  How about December 8, 1941, calling on both Japan and the United States to show restraint?  Later, he changed his tune, calling only on Russia to cease its invasion.  Are you not troubled that Senator Obama was incapable of distinguishing the aggressor from the victim, and instinctively responded with a statement of moral equivalency?

* Senator Obama has not been forthright about his position on Israel.  At AIPAC he said, "...Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel and it must remain undivided' (pg.5).  Just two days later, after Mahmoud Abbas responded angrily, Senator Obama effectively renounced his statement.  Are you not troubled that Senator Obama gave a sure-fire applause line to a pro-Israel gathering, only to retract it within 48 hours?  Did he lie in his speech?  Or is he clueless as to what an undivided means?

* Senator Obama has some very dangerous supporters who want him elected.  He has appeared at events with people who threaten Israel with violence.  Anti-American and anti-Israeli world leaders wish to see him elected.  Are you not troubled by Senator Obama's ties to people who are vehemently anti-Israel?  Are you not troubled by some of the world's worst tyrants hoping for an Obama victory?

* For 20 years, Senator Obama sat in the pews of a church where the pastor was filled with hatred and venom for the United States.  He has described this man as his mentor.  He was a father figure to Senator Obama.  Senator Obama even titled one of his two books The Audacity of Hope, based on one of this pastor's sermons.  This pastor has accused the United States of creating the AIDS virus to kill blacks.  He wishes for G-d to "damn America", and not bless it.  And only when it became politically dangerous to continue to support this man, did Sen. Obama end their relationship.  Are you not troubled by a 20-year relationship with a race-baiting, America-hating preacher?  No one can be held responsible for every wild statement made by his or her spiritual advisor.  But why would you continue to seek guidance from such a person?  We know virtually nothing about Sen. Obama's character.  But we do know that his close friend was Jeremiah Wright.

For these reasons, and more, I submit that Senator Barack Obama is entirely unfit to serve as the 44th President of the United States.  I will try to put together a case for John McCain as well.  I welcome your responses. - Aryeh (aryehleifert@gmail.com)

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