27 November 2012

Religious vs. Secular Egypt

This is the best news that has come out of the Arab "Spring" yet. Secular Egyptians and even the court system are protesting the recent power grab by Muslim Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi. It almost gives me hope that something good may come out of the Arab Middle East yet.

Why is this a good thing? It seems that the more secular a Muslim is - the more pragmatic he becomes. He's willing to be more tolerant toward others with whom he does not agree.

On the flip side of that, it seems that the more religious, or devout a Muslim becomes - the more intolerant he is. All of a sudden jihad becomes a leading tenant and the fight against the infidel moves to the forefront of his brain (or her brain - we don't want to be sexist, there have been female suicide bombers).

It is in the US and Israel's interest to have a secular Egypt - they may not love us, but they'll work with us. A religious Muslim Brotherhood has other priorities - working with infidels would not be included in them.

We should hold our breath as the crowds in Tahrir Square get larger.


Anonymous said...

+1. You should try to view the PBS show FRONTLINE about the current Syrian revolution. While the attempt to overthrow the current Alawite (Christian/secular) dictator APPEARS to be "democracy" in the making, it's really an attempt by the same old religious factions to grab their piece of the pie. No winners for Western democracy in this bunch!

Shira said...

I'll try and find it, thank you for the suggestion.

As far as this "revolution" goes - Western democracy is certainly not going to win in this one.