24 November 2009

Hasan is NOT a PTSD Victim!

Along with President Obama "not jumping to conclusions", the media has been very careful to steer clear of Malik Nidal Hasan's Muslim religion when reporting on the Fort Hood massacre. Rather than focus on the obvious fact that the attack was perpetrated by a Islamic terrorist, the media decided to create a new and novel condition - Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder (rather than Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). Amazing, since there was no such condition until the media had to find a direction away from the obvious.

While discussing the attack National Public Radio's reporter Tom Gjelten gives us background on the attacker.
GJELTEN: Nidal Hasan was born here in the Washington, D.C. area in Arlington. His parents were Palestinian immigrants, it seems. He went to local schools, graduating from Virginia Tech, joined the Army. He spent basically his whole adult life in the Army. That's where he received his medical education. He was trained as a psychiatrist by the Army and served for several years at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, ironically specializing in the treatment of combat stress. He was then transferred to Fort Hood earlier this year. He was due to be deployed, apparently to Afghanistan. We've heard from various sources that that bothered him, for whatever reason. We know he was a devout Muslim, took his faith very seriously. We can't say, of course, that that was relevant, here.

Right, religion is never relevant.

The ability of the media (and the President) to ignore the obvious is mind boggling - especially when it effects the security even in our own military bases here at home.

I wanted to bring to our readers the reaction of a real hero - J.R. Salzman - a wounded Iraq War veteran who lost his arm while fighting for our freedoms overseas when he heard about the media's contortions. I recommend reading the entire post by clicking on the above link.
I’m more than a little angry right now. Yes, I’m irate that some sh-tbag Major (“sh-tbag” is often used as a technical term in the Army) opened fire on a group of his fellow Soldiers killing 12 and wounding 30. But that’s not even what is under my skin right now. What is bothering me is the general reaction of our media and those stupid enough to think this was not an act of terrorism, but was caused by supposed PTSD caused at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

You want to know what PTSD is like? I'll tell you. You have nightmares that go on for weeks. Mine would always be the same. Wherever the window was in the room in which I was sleeping I would see a bright white flash. I would wake up screaming to my wife “Get up! Get the f-ck up! An IED just went off!” Sometimes I would just wake up screaming in agony as I relived the moment where my right arm was ripped from my body by an Iranian shape charge....

If you can get PTSD from treating soldiers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center then why the hell haven't more people snapped? Why haven't all the therapists in physical therapy and occupational therapy, and all the staff on Ward 57 ran around shooting up the place? They have seen far more wounded Soldiers than this POS ever did. My occupational and physical therapists, like many of the civilian personnel at Walter Reed, have been there since the beginning of OEF. They have taken care of countless (probably hundreds) Soldiers with a variety of different injuries.

Let us not dishonor those who serve by lumping Hasan with them by claiming he has a form of PTSD. It's dishonest to do so. Hasan is a terrorist - plain and simple.

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