04 August 2015

So Many Debates, So Little Time

It's true. Thursday is going to be a busy night.

Fox News is hosting the first Republican debate... and here in Canada that same night we'll be having the Leaders Debate in the oh so long, 11 week campaign for Prime Minister. Yes, you read that correctly, 11 weeks. The media here is so excited - 11 weeks of what to discuss, debate, bore us all with instead of... a whole 5 weeks! Incredible.

As soon as the kids are in bed, you'll know where I'll be... flipping the channels back and forth. Although I'd love to take a watch at 5 o'clock with the candidates who didn't make the top ten cutoff for the 9pm debate - Henry Hugglemonster, Jake and the Neverland Pirates or Princess Sophia - may be playing instead. Oh well, such is a happy life with little kids.

Enjoy the debates!

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