09 August 2015

Republican Debate and Canadian Leader's Debate Reviewed

The debates were fun.

I saw part of the 5 o'clock Republican debate -- boring! I'm glad I caught some of it, but wish it would have been just Bobby Jindal, Carly Fiorina and Rick Perry. Lindsey Graham didn't do himself any favors, I'm sure he's a smart guy, but he didn't present well. He kinda just droned on whenever it was his turn. I thought Fiorina was the best of the crowd.

The 8 o'clock Canadian Leaders Debate, on the other hand, was fun to watch. Mclean's Magazine put it on - the moderator asked a question, then basically stepped back and let the four of them fight it out. Fantastic. That was a real debate. Justin Trudeau of the Liberal Party, did decently, and tried to stake out a middle ground. Thomas Mulcair, NDP (Socialists), who is a smart guy, came off kind of out of it the first hour, topped off with a strange smile. Someone must have told him to look friendly and speak slowly. Elizabeth May of the Green Party is also quite smart. She attacked Mulcair and came off sounding like she knew what she was talking about. Stephan Harper, Conservative Prime Minister, was attacked by all three and didn't seem at all shaken. I just wish he wouldn't use the phrase, "Let me be clear" so much!

The 9 o'clock Republican debate was a whole lot better than the 5 o'clock version, and it certainly helped to have an audience. Donald Trump imploded within the first five minutes by saying that he wouldn't guarantee that he'd support the Republican nominee if it weren't him. How obnoxious. Overall, there weren't so many standouts - Marco Rubio surprised me by being better than I thought. Dr. Carson did a fair job, but he's going to need to talk faster. Scott Walker, disappointed me with his stance that he didn't think abortion was a viable option even when the mother's life was in danger. Jeb Bush, was boring.

I thought the moderators from Fox News did a good job. I liked their pointed questions specific to each of the candidates. For those complaining that Trump was ambushed, that is a joke. Trump announced to everyone that he was going to be himself and not prepare... therefore, he rambled, he insulted, he did exactly like he said he would - he was himself. In other words, he was a disaster, and it's his own fault.

I had a good time Thursday night, hope you did too!

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