30 July 2015

Show Us the Planned Parenthood Videos!

Jimmy Kimmel gets choked up talking about the killing of a famous lion - and I should feel bad. I don't. I'm not a hunter, nor do I care about it. I do care about the videos about Planned Parenthood - let them come out. If they have nothing to hide, and they stand by everything they do - let those videos come out.

Kimmel gets choked up about a lion - I'd like to see him get choked up about the real war on women. Women get to be the next best thing to G-d... a creator of life. I don't say that lightly. Dr. Ben Carson made an interesting point a few nights ago (I apologize, I can't remember where and I'm paraphrasing): Women have been convinced that rather than being G-dlike, being the protector of the potential and growing life, rather, we are being attacked by that invader... it may even have to be destroyed in order to live our own lives. A mistake being erased. What a backward way of thinking.

An animal life is something important. Killing an animal illegally is wrong. Period. But a human life is something completely different - something special. There's something really wrong with our society when there is this disconnect between seeing the death of an animal as something that warrants death threats against the hunter and videos of fetal body parts getting a yawn.

Supposedly there are nine videos made in this Planned Parenthood series - let us see them all. The media should cover this story - which they aren't. If Planned Parenthood has nothing to hide, then let Planned Parenthood announce to the world that THEY want to see the videos come out. Otherwise, I will assume that they have everything to hide.

This is the real war on women.

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