23 July 2015

Quick News Rundown: Iran and Planned Parenthood

Lots to unload about...

Iran. Fantastic deal. Our "peace partners" are still talking about the destruction of the State of Israel. No problem. I suppose that wasn't part of the negotiations - murdering the Jews. Hey, Obama never liked Bibi anyway.

Chuck Schumer. Democrat. Big friend of Israel. Looks like he is going to support the Iran deal. Must be a Democrat before being a friend of a democratic ally. Too bad, I might've almost respected him.

Planned Parenthood. What a disgrace. We don't sell baby body parts, oh wait, yes we do - in the name of science. "Doctor" Mengele, I assume, did his work in the name of science. At what point do we give a potential life some respect? At what point does a woman have some personal responsibility to keep her legs shut instead of hoping her pill works and doesn't have to resort to killing the life growing inside? I used to be pro-choice, until I realized that medicine today can save babies earlier and earlier -- at what point is this whole thing a farce? "My body - my choice" is a joke. A woman makes a poor decision, gets pregnant... kill the unwanted pregnancy. No problem. No personal responsibility either. That child might have been the next scientist to find the cure to cancer or MS. No worries, "my body - my choice". Tough luck kid.

Couple dozen Republicans running for President. This'll be fun to watch. I'd take just about every single one of them over President Obama or Hillary Clinton (or any other Democrat out there). I had no idea it was even remotely possible to do as much damage to the country as Obama has done in the last 8 years. Incredible and painful.

That's enough for now. Time for bed. Good night all.

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