26 August 2014

The United Nations, Collaborators with Terror

From a friend of mine...

The last photo I took of New York City, as I ended a few days of vacation there just over two weeks ago, was a shot of the United Nations building along the East River, snapped from the 59th Street Bridge.

There was a time when the image of that building held a certain symbolism of hope, an idealism not that much different from science-fiction depictions from Star Trek of the future, a future where all people on Earth worked together for a common purpose and where racial, religious and national bigotry had been left behind.

That was then. Recent times have shown this organization to have a different symbolism, especially for Israel and for Jews, and it is not of an idealized future. Verified reports of rockets and mortars being warehoused in United Nations buildings in Gaza, firing missiles at Israel from United Nations sponsored facilities, brings to the fore different imagery. Taken on its own, one could attribute this to gross incompetence on the part of the United Nations and its agencies and staff.

But taken with a decades long history of the United Nations singling out Israel for condemnation in its voting, in its biased investigations and in its racist rhetoric, the picture is one of either willful blindness on the part of the United Nations, or more likely, active collaboration with anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli terrorists, such as Hamas.

There is as much blood on the hands of the United Nations as there is on the hands of the masked Hamas militants who are now executing their own people in the streets of Gaza outside of mosques, those who are suspected of being in league with Israel. There is as much blood on the hands of the United Nations as there is on the hands of ISIS - where has the United Nations been as these extremists continue to murder countless innocents?

It is time to call the United Nations what it is - a racist collaborator with terror. It is time to stop seeing the United Nations as anything other than a puppet of extreme and murderous viewpoints, a facilitator for hatred masquerading as a humanitarian body. It long ago lost its credibility. It long ago ceased to be relevant.

The building along the East River? The symbolism now is not that much different than the images of relics from another era of racism and collaboration with murder. Images of iron gates inscribed with the ironic words "Arbeit Macht Frei" or images of the Brandenburg Gates, one of which was known as the Peace Gate. Symbols which now include the United Nations building standing alongside those from that different era, which sadly has much in common with the present.

As extremists murder innocents in the name of God, committing barbarous acts of atrocity in open view of the world, where is the United Nations? It is a building that is a shell, empty, devoid of principle, and instead of a united sense of outrage in the name of peace and stability, it stands by, watching as missiles are stockpiled within its agencies' walls, watching as rockets are fired under its nose and patiently waiting for yet another opportunity to condemn the one nation that continues to espouse the principles which were the founding raison d'être of the United Nations.

The last photo I took upon leaving New York. The only photo I took that made me ashamed to have once called that city my home. The United Nations has no business being allowed to operate on American soil - to my knowledge there are laws against terrorist organizations being allowed to operate domestically.

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