08 September 2014

Of Israel, Gaza, Terrorists and Nazis

Phew, finally a moment without my little ones, three under three and a half. All enjoyable, all a pleasure to have, but it's tough to have a second to sit down at the computer. I'm loving every minute of being a stay-at-home mom.

Just a couple of random thoughts while I have this second.

First, there was some talk while the Israel-Gaza war was going on - that perhaps it would be best to leave Hamas in charge in there (which Israel did) rather than dismantle them because maybe a "worse" group may pop up in leadership. I think that choosing which terrorist group is "worse" is ridiculous. They all hate Israel, they all hate Jews - they all want us dead. To think that one is a more moderate terrorist is wishful and dangerous thinking. It is truthfully by the grace of G-d that the Iron Dome worked as well as it did and that the rockets didn't murder their intended targets.

Rather than solely focusing on destroying the tunnel system, Israel should have weakened Hamas enough to create a power vacuum. There are plenty of rival groups in Gaza that want to be in power... they would see a weakened Hamas and attempt to step into their shoes. Let us see a power struggle between the groups - that would keep them busy and keep Israel and her people safe(r).

A Deadly Battle for Gaza

Next. The other night I was watching a television show on the History Channel about World War II. It always amazes me, even as a student of history, how innovative, how amazing the United States was in creating, mass producing and even transporting troops, weapons and other necessaries across the world in order to destroy (not manage) the Nazi threat. Amazing and fantastic. Which made me wonder. If we could do what we did in the 1940s in only four years, why is ISIS even a threat? I'd consider them chump change in comparison to the Nazis. (Although I would agree that ISIS and radical Islam are a real threat to the world just like the Nazis were, I am only speaking militarily.) The difference is the will to destroy them. We had the will to eliminate the Nazis, we have no will to destroy the terrorists. We don't even recognize them as a real threat - while the 9/11 hijackers are referred to as terrorists, Hamas, ISIS and even the Muslim Brotherhood are "militants".

Well, at least President Obama finally has a strategy now. I feel better.

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