30 July 2012

Thank You Bob Costas, the Italian Olympic Team and EasyJet

It is important to show gratitude to those who publicly do the right thing. While the International Olympic Committee (IOC) did not take a moment of silence during the opening ceremonies to remember the Israeli 11 that were murdered 40 years ago during the 1972 Munich Olympics, there were a few who did take the time to publicly remember them:

Bob Costas, of NBC, when the Israeli delegation marched during the opening ceremonies, explained that Israel had asked the IOC for a moment of silence and was refused, and the IOC instead had a private moment with about 100 attending. Costas disagreed with that decision and said that the place to take that moment of silence was in front of the world. He was then silent until he went to commercial.

The Italian Olympic Team also deserves our public thanks.
The Italian Olympic team at the London Olympic Games made a noble gesture Sunday and stood in silence outside the quarters of the Israeli team, in memory of the 11 athletes slain in the Munich Olympics 40 years ago... 
About 30 Italians were present at the ceremony, including Italy's Minister of Sport, the heads of the Italian Committee and athletes.

And kudos to an EasyJet pilot flying from England to Israel.
"The pilot came on the intercom and informed the passengers that the crew will be observing a minute of silence as they fly over Munich and he invited the passengers to join them in remembering the Israeli sportsmen who were murdered there at the Olympic Games 40 years ago," according to the report.
While there are those who choose to go the "easy" route to placate and appease those who "dislike" Jews - we must remember and publicly thank those who deliberately go out of their way to do the right thing and stand by us. I'm sure there were many others around the world who took a quiet moment of silence in honor of those Jews. Thank you to all who did. Thank you to those who do the right thing.

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