23 April 2014

Five Fun Filled Links!

I know I've been away for a while (for a few personal reasons), so I want to first take a moment to wish everyone a happy holiday season.

Just a quick way to get back into my writing -- a few fun links that are worth checking out, not here in any particular order.

13 Most Ridiculous Predictions Made on Earth Day, 1970 — Jon Gabriel
People have asked me if I believe in global warming, now "climate change" - truthfully, yes and no. Yes, because I came across an interesting theory that the world was in a mini-ice age approximately in the 1700s and we're now coming out of it. No, it's not a big deal because I think "climate change" is cyclical and there's not much that mankind can do about it. Do I think that we should be responsible about our environment and treating the earth properly? Of course!

It's hard not to be cynical about these environmental predictions. Even within my lifetime I have heard doomsday narratives: population explosions resulting in overcrowding and starvation, global cooling, global warming and now finally "climate change" which, I guess, includes cooling and warming wrapped up with a bow.

The Problem With the New Isolationism
Worthwhile reading. Relatively short and to the point, not something I would have expected from Time magazine.

Photos Of Afghanistan's Past: Modernity Lost
A fascinating look at what could have been had Islam's 14th century mindset not conquered the country.

Where is the feminist anger at Brandeis?
The Brandeis debacle. There's no liberal anger when it comes to Muslim sensibilities - even when trampling on women's rights.

Hamas and Fatah unveil Palestinian reconciliation deal
This, of course, is nothing new but it does point out the obvious - the "moderate" Palestinian Authority is not interested in making any deals with Israel, but is certainly on the same page as their Hamas brothers as far as the Jews are concerned.  For more details, check out: The "Moderate" vs. "Extreme" Terrorists, and Israeli author on the futility of U.S.-led peace talks and hope for a two state solution

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