25 July 2013

Palestinians Negotiating in "Good Faith"? What Would Muhammad Do (WWMD)?

It looks like John Kerry, our esteemed Secretary of State, is working hard to earn his money - shuttling back and forth trying to return the Israelis and "Palestinians" to peace negotiations. It would be impressive if this meant something, but I guess he needs something relatively useful to do with his time.

For negotiations to be successful, one must assume that the partner with which they are negotiating with is actually trustworthy - otherwise, the whole thing is an exercise in futility and a farce. Of course, that is what these negotiations are.

Just this week we've seen Israeli Arab Knesset minister Ahmed Tibi threaten another intifada (I assume with requisite bus, pizza and cafe bombings) if talks didn't produce results - even before negotiations have resumed. How's that for blackmail? Treason?

What is even better is what was reported yesterday. A Palestinian Authority minister compared the upcoming negotiations with Israel and assumed subsequent treaty to the peace treaty Muhammad made with the Quraish tribe - one that was disregarded by Mohammed after he became strong enough to defeat them.
[Religious Endowments Minister Mahmoud] Habbash then compared the decision of the PA leadership to negotiate with Israel to the agreement of the Prophet Muhammad on a 10-year truce with his rivals in the Quraish tribe of Mecca, known as the Treaty of Hudaibiya, reached in the year 628 CE. 
“The hearts of the Prophet’s companions burnt with anger and fury … this is not disobedience [of God's command], it is politics. It is crisis management, conflict management … in less than two years, based on this treaty, the Prophet returned and conquered Mecca. This is the example. It is the model.”
Really?! This is the model? Is this an example of negotiating in "good faith" - that treaties are meant to be broken?

There is absolutely no reason for Israel to negotiate with these "people" - especially after this revelation, it would be stupid of them to do so.

"Cease-fire" aka "Time to Rearm"

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