31 December 2012

Let's Go Over the Cliff

I don't generally get aggravated by politics, but it seems that I am. We're about 8 hours away from the so-called "fiscal cliff" and they're still talking about tax rates, but not at all discussing spending cuts. Amazingly stupid. The whole point of the fiscal cliff was to force Congress to deal with our terrible 16 TRILLION dollar deficit - to give the US some financial stability. But we'd rather spend all our time discussing taxes and tax rates. Where are the spending cuts? Where are they?

I say we go over the fiscal cliff. It's time to put that deficit on the front burner. If it means that we cut everything - let's cut everything. Defense, social programs - everything.

The game the Democrats are playing is incredible. Last Sunday President Obama announced that the two main goals for his second term are immigration and gun violence.  That's incredible. Unemployment is still sky high, people are dropping out of the work force - and he's focusing on immigration and gun violence. Where are his priorities? But we know where his priorities are - there hasn't been a budget in Washington for 3 years - and the one that Obama proposed didn't even get one Democratic vote.

But those that voted for him don't care. For four years, they bought the line that the economy was President Bush's fault. Stimulus spending was the way to go - and did nothing to create jobs. So here we are - President Obama has his second term, we have a 16 TRILLION dollar debt - and the Democrats still don't believe in spending cuts. Incredible.

I can't imagine why I'd be aggravated.

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Anonymous said...

Just wait 'til the debt limit negotiations! These 535 bums are our employees, with most of them given a guaranteed job for 2, 4, or 6 years and an enormous benefit package included! Let's resort to a bit of popular despotism to let them know how their bosses feel about their performance. I say we handcuff each one to their desk on the floor of the House and Senate and let them poop & pee in their pants while they negotiate the terms of the legislation and we'll see how quickly business will be concluded!