11 July 2011

Historical Fiction Anyone? Cue 1967

I was reading through a pretty evenhanded article dealing with Canada's opposition to Palestinian statehood - when all of a sudden it a took a sharp turn into the land of bias.

There were a couple statements in particular that gave me pause and a chuckle.

The article interviewed Rami Khouri, a "leading Mideast analyst" based in Lebanon,
“I think the critical point for any Western government — Canadian, American, British — is to differentiate between supporting the security of Israel and opposing the colonization polices of Israel. Israel within its 1967 borders is a phenomenon the world accepts, even the Arabs,” Khouri said. [emphasis added]

That's right. The Arab world accepts Israel within 1967 borders and anything past the cease-fire lines is "colonization".

Let's talk about Arab acceptance of 1967 borders for a moment. Have they always accepted Israel within those borders? Did Jordan and the rest of the Arab world go to war with Israel in 1967 because they were upset about the occupation of the "1967 territories"? Was the Palestinian Liberation Organization founded in 1964 because they were upset about the Israeli occupation of 1967? Looking back in history - was the Hebron massacre of Jews in 1929 revenge for the Arab loss of land in 1967?

And that annoying little chant that I heard back at university anti-Israel rallies: "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free." Checking the map, it doesn't seem to me that those 1967 borders are accepted by all, either that or those 'protesters' are unaware of their geography.

The other ridiculous claim that any settlement past those borders is "colonization" also gives me pause but unfortunately, no chuckle.

That's right, Israel is colonizing Jewish land. 3000 years of Jewish history in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank). Biblical archeology has proven time and again Jewish historical possession in all of the Arab-occupied West Bank as well as modern possession until 1948 when Jordan took control - and occupied it until 1967. Why didn't the Jordanians do anything during that time for those poor "Palestinians"? Perhaps because "Palestine" is a figment of historical imagination?

I just can't figure this one out.

But let's call a spade a spade already. The Arab world is a bunch of racists - especially the "Palestinians". They are unable to allow a single Jew to live within the lands they occupy. All Jews had to be removed from the Gaza Strip before it was handed over to the "Palestinians". Why? Because there would have been a massacre and everyone knows it. Whenever there is talk of "land for peace", giving away parts of the "West Bank" to the Arabs, there is an assumption that the Jews living there would have to leave - why? Because the Arabs are unable and unwilling to let them live and do business there, even if it improves the lives of the Arab population. There would be a massacre and everyone knows it.

Israel, with a majority of Jews, can allow an Arab minority in it's midst, even giving them full civil and political rights; but any land the Arabs have a majority in is dangerous for a Jew wandering through.

So yes, I agree with those who say that Judea/Samaria is "occupied land" - it is... by the Arabs. And those who think that Israel is safe as long as she stays within a nine-mile wide border must think that I'm stupid.

An old joke.
At the emergency meeting of the UN regarding another conflict in the Middle East, the floor has been given to the Israeli Consul. The Israeli Consul began, "Ladies and gentlemen before I commence with my speech, I wanted to relay an old story to all of you....

When Moses was leading the Jews out of Egypt he had to go through deserts, and prairies, and even more deserts... The people became thirsty and needed water. So Moses struck the side of a mountain with his cane and at the sight of that mountain a pond appeared with crystal clean, cool water. And the people rejoiced and drank to their hearts' content. Moses wished to cleanse his whole body, so he went over to the other side of the pond, took all of his clothes off and dove into the cool waters. Only when Moses came out of the water he discovered that all his clothes had been stolen... And I have reasons to believe that the Palestinians stole his clothes.

"Yassir Arafat, hearing this accusation, jumps out of his seat and screams, "This is a travesty... It's a lie! It is widely known that there were no Palestinians there at the time!!!"

"And in agreement with Chairman Arafat," said the Israeli Consul, "let me begin my speech..."

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M said...

The last part certainly made me chuckle. A nice set up and turn right there.

As for the historical standpoint, the Middle East countries are more or less hypocritical to their own faith. It has been shown in the past that those of other faiths in Muslim countries could retain their own faith in exchange for some price. But by today's standards, that would be discrimination in the international community's eyes.
So the few crazy Muslims that happen to be the ones who have power decide to kill everyone, essentially making all Muslims to be that way, or even infecting and twisting Islam to make others that way (which is worse).

I guess it comes down to things changing with new generations.

Shira said...

Glad you liked the joke.

It's true that Jews have been able to live in Muslim countries over the years - paying a special dhimmi tax and in general living as 2nd class citizens - but there was no guarantee of living safely. Their safety solely belonged in the hands of those who were in power. One ruler they were okay, another they were massacred. No guarantees.

I wish I could say that Islam has been twisted, but I don't believe that it was. The Koran is an interesting book - the beginnings of it are peaceful but as you go along it gets violent toward non-Muslims. What's important to know is that Muslims believe that the Koran was revealed to Mohammed and the later writings supersede the earlier ones. Basically, as Mohammed was rejected by the Jews and others early on in his attempts to bring them to Islam - he moved from 'playing nice' to conversion by the sword.

At this point in history - Islam needs a "Reformation" movement. Not enough Muslims are able to speak up without fear for their lives. Hopefully, like you said, it'll come down to the next generation - maybe they'll want peace.