28 June 2011

Jews, Homosexuals, Independent Women not Welcome?

A friend sent me this email regarding the Delta situation.
hi shira, saw your link and got a bit hot under the collar re delta/saudi arabian air thing. had some questions - if visas are not given to those with "jewish sounding" names, this raises a whole can of worms.... what if two men or two women are travelling together will it be assumed they are gay and be denied? if someone has a criminal record for stealing will he have to lop off his hand to fly? are women travelling on their own allowed to board? and israeli stamps in passports, what about those who have gone there to "help" the muslims?

These are all valid questions. To what end do we play this game?

I completely understand that each country has the right to set their own rules for entry. I can respect that. But I cannot respect an American company being okay with these discriminatory practices. It is racism at its best. Why is Delta a part of it?

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