20 June 2011

Idiots North of the Border

The summer is upon us; as is Gaza Flotilla #2. Another group of idiots are on their way to try to break Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip. Among them are 32 Canadians. As is reported in The Star (Toronto):
John Greyon’s smile didn’t waver for a moment as he answered questions and posed for photos.

But he admitted he is worried.

“There is concern about what can happen,” said the Toronto filmmaker and York University professor who was at Pearson International Airport on Sunday. “But I am also inspired by how big this is.”

He was among seven Canadians who flew to Greece Sunday to join a convoy of ships that is trying to take aid to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip in the coming weeks.

What could Greyon possibly be concerned about? That he's bringing aid to terrorists who continue to indiscriminately send rockets into Israel - killing children?

No, he wouldn't be worried about that. I'm sure that it didn't concern him either that Hamas leaders in Gaza mourned the death of Osama bin Ladin.
"We condemn the assassination and the killing of an Arab holy warrior. We ask God to offer him mercy with the true believers and the martyrs."

Nope, that does worry him either.

Oh yes, and the fact that candy was handed out in celebration for that infamous bin Ladin operation of September 9th, 2001 obviously doesn't bother him either. But why would it?

It's more important to show that Israel is intolerant. It doesn't much matter that those they support in Gaza wouldn't mind them dead as well - since they're all infidels anyway... Jewish, Christian... does it really matter? No. But these are useful idiots - blind to their own illogical actions in support of terrorists.

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