08 May 2011

Clueless on Television

Osama bin Ladin is dead. Killed by the United States military. Watching 'Inside Washington' this morning, one would think that it was no big deal.

Instead they debated whether the Bush administration should be congratulated on setting up the infrastructure which made it possible to find him. Nope, one commentator said - if we do that we should congratulate Bill Clinton for helping with that too. Are you serious? Bill Clinton who had the opportunity to take out bin Ladin years ago and refused to do it because bin Ladin was walking with civilians? Mind you, if those civilians were all that innocent they shouldn't have been walking and talking to a known terrorist.

Another commentator discussed about the country has over-"securitied" since 9/11. He obviously has no clue what he's talking about. What over-security is he possibly talking about? That we're not allowed to take tweezers or nail clippers on the plane? Or keeping liquids to a 3 ounce maximum? That we're always two steps behind the terrorists is over-security?

Anybody who understands real security knows that there are so many "soft" targets in this country is thankful to the Lord above for keeping us safe and secure. Anytime you can walk into a mall, bank or post office without having to have your purse or backpack checked through, please realize that over-security has not come into play.

I'm not sure how it's possible to be so clueless. Security is serious business. Unfortunately, I'm sure that these commentators aren't the only clueless ones out there.

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