29 May 2011

"Auschwitz" Borders are the New Norm

It didn't take long and we see the face of Israel's only true friend as a result - Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada.
Alone among G8 leaders, the Canadian Prime Minister refuses to embrace the U.S. President’s plan to begin peace negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis on the basis of a return to Israel’s de facto borders as they existed before its 1967 war with neighbouring Arab countries....

Mr. Harper made his opposition to that position clear through a spokesperson shortly after Mr. Obama’s Middle East speech last week in a pre-G8 briefing, making him the lone leader in the G8 not to back the U.S. preconditions.

G8 leaders, with the exception of Canada, had been prepared to push for pre-1967 borders as a precondition for Israel's negotiations with the Palestinians. Ten days later and the "Auschwitz" Borders are now the new "norm". The taboo is gone.

Now it's just a matter of time before the "right of return" to Israel by the "Palestinian refugees" is acceptable - and Jerusalem will be on the chopping block before we know it.

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