17 January 2011

Jerusalem, Rockets and Peace Talks

Blah, blah blah... settlements an obstacle to peace... Israel not serious about peace... blah blah, blah blah blah.

Jerusalem is not just any city, it's the 3000 year old capital of Israel, and as some have said, Jerusalem is not a settlement. Israel wants to expand the neighborhood of Gilo. Gilo has 40,000 people living there - doesn't sound like much of an outpost to me. In fact, I once got lost there - too many streets.

Yup, waiting on the 'Palestinian' recognition of Israel as a Jewish state by either Hamas or the Palestinian Authority... still waiting. Think I'll be twiddling my thumbs for a while.

Then of course the rockets are still flying in from the Gaza Strip. Three hit Ashkelon about a week ago. Never mind - that shouldn't effect peace talks.

Peace talks? Why bother when those you're supposed to be talking to aren't able to recognize your existence. Maybe one day someone can explain that to me.

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Anonymous said...

"you say you're democratic so you can't be jewish because that's racist. We never claimed to be democratic, we're arabs and everyone knows what that means, so that's ok then. We say we were here first so everyone clearly understands that means you stole the land from us whatever your supposed "history" is with it. So we can call whatever we want a settlement and then claim it, cuz that's what we do, and we're the underdog so we're automatically right!"