16 September 2010

The False God of Peace

The siren song calls out - calling out for the blood on the alter of Peace. The god of Peace must be placated, no matter the cost. Blood may be spilled, in the name of Peace. No matter, the god of Peace must have his sacrifices. They may be old, they may be young, they may be still in the womb - but they are human sacrifices - all in the name of Peace.

Such a Peace is false god - a god that we have been warned not to follow.

As rockets continue to rain on southern Israel - those today containing phosphorous in order to burn as well as murder - we continue to sacrifice to Peace.

Some claim a difference between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority - but there is no such difference. Hamas does not accept the legitimacy of Israel's existence and neither does Mahmoud Abbas aka Abu Mazen. Abbas/Mazen will not recognize Israel as a Jewish state.
Abbas reportedly said that his position is no different from those Arafat present in previous negotiations, and that his staff is the same as Arafat's.

I'm glad Abbas/Mazen clarified it for us. He is continuing the work of Yassir Arafat. The same Yassir Arafat who in South Africa 1994 is quoted as saying after he signed one of many agreements,
"This has to be understood for everybody and for this I was insisting before signing to have a letter from them, the Israelis, that Jerusalem is one of the items which has to be under discussion and not the state, the permanent State of Israel! No! It is the permanent State of Palestine [applause]. Yes, it is the permanent State of Palestine....

What they are saying is that [Jerusalem] is their capital. No, it is not their capital. It is our capital. It is the first shrine of the Islam and the Moslems.

This agreement, I am not considering it more than the agreement which had been signed between our prophet Mohammed and Koraish, and you remember the Caliph Omar had refused this agreement and [considered] it a despicable truce.

[Ed. note: The agreement with Koraish allowed Mohammed to pray in Mecca, which was under Koraish control, for ten years. When Mohammed grew stronger two years later, he abrogated the agreement, slaughtered the tribe of Koraish and conquered Mecca.]

But Mohammed had accepted it and we are accepting now this peace offer. But to continue our way to Jerusalem..."

It doesn't get much better than that. Arafat was referencing a "peace treaty" Mohammed ultimately broke once it was no longer in his advantage to keep. Arafat didn't recognize Israel as legitimate at all - no worries about it being a "Jewish" state either. And Jerusalem? Not Jewish.

There is no peace to be had with either the Palestinian Authority or Hamas. The false god of Peace must no longer be sacrificed to. Those alters must be destroyed. Negotiations must end.

As Jews have entered the High Holy Days of Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur - we announce to ourselves and the World:
HaShem Hu HaElokim ... G-d, He is the King
and we must remember, Ein Od Milvado ... there is no one else but Him.

It's time to remember who we are - the Jewish People.
It's time to remember our King - the One G-d of the Jewish People.
We serve no other.


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