19 March 2010

Peace, Peace... there is no Peace

Last week when Vice-President Biden was in Israel trying to re-start the "piece" talks, the Israeli government happened to announce the building of 1600 new homes in a religious neighborhood called Ramat Shlomo - established by peace-nik Yitzchak Rabin. Biden took this opportune time to condemn the Jewish state for such actions.

"I condemn the decision by the government of Israel to advance planning for new housing units in East Jerusalem," Biden said.

The American vice president added that the
"substance and timing of the announcement, particularly with the launching of proximity talks, is precisely the kind of step that undermines the trust we need right now and runs counter to the constructive discussions that I've had here in Israel."

"We must build an atmosphere to support negotiations, not complicate them," Biden said...

This is an incredible statement in many ways, but we'll focus on two because I don't have all day.

Number One: Jerusalem has never been on the negotiating table. The only reason there is free access to any of the religious sites in Jerusalem is because Israel has control over them. If they were under the "protection" of the Arabs - there would be no free access, and in a worse case scenario destroyed. (The Tomb of Joseph in Schem/Nablus was destroyed when handed over to the Arabs under a "piece" agreement and replaced with a mosque.)

Number Two: These 1600 homes are the "kind of step that undermines the trust we need right now" and is counter to building "an atmosphere to support negotiations". Blah, blah blah. That's right, Jews building homes in Jerusalem undermines trust. Is that right? You know what undermines "trust" and is counter to building the right "atmosphere"? Rockets.

Rockets have continuously been raining on southern Israel. No one bothers to report a favorite daily activity by Hamas - but shockingly enough - one of the rockets happened to murder a Thai worker the other day. Does Biden care? No.

Let's not only pin the "trust" issue on Hamas - we can look over at the Palestinian Authority (the moderates) and see what they have done to create trust and a good "atmosphere" for peace.

Could it be the dedication of a town square of in El-Bireh (near the friendly city of Ramallah) for Dalal Mughrabi and her attack on a civilian bus - murdering 37 innocents...
including Liat Gal-On, age 6, and Illan Hohman, age 3, Galit Ankwa, age 2, Moti Zit, age 9, and six other children, while wounding 73 other civilians. An attack incidentally that remains the deadliest of all the terror attacks in Israel's history.

A heartwarming interview with Mughrabi's sister - who calls her a "source of pride for Palestinian women", along with Mughrabi's letter explaining her "martyrdom" played on PA television on March 11, 2010 commemorating the massacre. A worthwhile watch. Yes, these are our "peace" partners. I feel better already.

* Never mind the other everyday attacks on the roads in Judea/Samaria (West Bank) that could be thwarted by the "moderate" PA. Just the other day a man and his nine-month old baby had their car firebombed, but never mind.

* Never mind the indoctrination aimed at children to become "martyrs".

* Never mind the riots and mayhem begun by the PA as a way of stopping Israel from declaring the Cave of Machpela/Cave of the Patriarchs (Hebron) and Tomb of Rachel (Bethlehem) as Jewish Heritage sites.

* Never mind the rock throwing off the top of the Western Wall onto worshippers as the result of the rededication of the Hurva Synagogue (destroyed by the Jordanian army in 1948 when the city was split) located in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem.

Shut up Biden. Don't speak these words of "peace" and "trust" while allowing murders to get away with the blood on their hands. Peace, peace... there is no peace. This is war.


Eema-le said...

The whole notion that there is any moral equivalency between Israel and any/all of its Arab neighbors is not only ridiculous it's also evil.

I'm so fed up with the notion that Israel shouldn't be building housing for its citizens, that somehow Israelis shouldn't be allowed to live anywhere but in the areas that the UN deems appropriate. If Israel condemned Arabs for building homes in Israel or in Palestinian territories I somehow doubt that Biden/Obama/UN would be OK with that.

There are many Arabs living in Israel. They are free to do whatever they want. To build homes, raise their children, work, etc. Why is it that Israel has an inclusive policy in regards to Arabs but the Arabs don't have the same policy toward Israelis?

This sort of crowd always talks about the plight of Palestinian "refugees". No one ever mentions the Jewish refugees, the families who had to flee every Arab country or be slaughtered.

These bleeding hearts are never going to change. They only care about helping those who want to destroy us. Supporting freedom and democracy isn't a priority for them.

Shira said...

There's a huge double standard, it makes me sick. The last couple weeks have been driving me crazy - Obama's waiting for Israel to kowtow. Ridiculous.

You're right -- it is evil. Expecting the democracy to bend to the will of murderers and terrorists? What the heck! Why should they. The Arabs are lucky that Israel lets them stay (I don't know why they do) - 900,000 Jews were thrown out of Arab countries minus all their property and belonging -- no wonder why Israelis don't trust Obama. I just wonder how long it'll take for liberal Jews to see the same thing.