04 January 2009

Morals? Ethics? Hamas?

Melanie Phillips has done it again.  She has clearly laid out for all of us the situation that Israel and the world find themselves in.  The moral double standard being applied to Israel and the terrorist entity Hamas.
And so now begins the second and most difficult stage.  Inside Israel, there is both determination and dread as tens of thousands of Israel's conscript army are called to the front.  Untold numbers of these soldiers will lose their lives as the result not merely of the genocidal aims of Hamas (and its Iranian puppet-master) but also the indifference and pusillanimity toward Palestinian terror displayed by world government over the past six decades of Israel's fight for survival, along with the active encouragement of genocidal Islamists by leftists, Jew-haters, Muslims and useful idiots who were on such thuggish display yesterday in the co-ordinated demonstrations in British and other western cities.

Such people have made no protest at the bombardment of Israeli towns by more than 6000 rockets in the past six years, deliberately targeting innocent civilians.  They have made no protest at the way Hamas has used Gazan civilians as human shields, situating its murderous arsenals beneath apartment blocks, in schools and hospitals and mosques in order to maximise the numbers of civilians killed (in order to manipulate all-too pliable western opinion).  No, their protest only starts when Israel finally takes the military action aimed at stopping this genocidal barrage.
Take a look at the full Melanie Phillips's article.  It's important reading. 

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