17 January 2009

Anti-Israel Rallies

At the moment I seem to be a clearinghouse for other authors, but hey! there's some pretty good writing and analysis out there.

Here's another piece that is well done.  This author analyses the anti-war (anti-Israel) rallies which took place all over the world on January 10th.  
On January 10, the war between Israel and Hamas became a global conflict.  No longer confined to the Gaza Strip, the fighting spread to cities around the world: what were billed as "anti-war" demonstrations from Los Angeles to Copenhagen and beyond were in fact overtly pro-Hamas demonstrations, and on Saturday, January 10 there was an unprecedented eruption of violence and extremism in dozens of European and American cities, surpassing anything seen at anti-war rallies in recent years...
Go ahead and read the entire analysis, it's worth the time.

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