04 August 2005

No Surprises Here

According to news reports at the moment, a Jewish young man, 19 years old has shot up an Arab bus killing at least four people. This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. When a supposed democratic society shuts down all avenues of expression, otherwise known as non-violent protest, it is a time-bomb waiting to go off. However, I must make very clear -- in no way does this mean that I condone his actions. The Jewish People are not prone to violent outbursts, it is not at all part of our nature.

People agree to form governments in order to protect themselves and their property (thank you John Locke). When they feel that their person or property are not being protected, and when they do not feel they have a means to get their government to hear their complaints - especially in a democratic society - they are unable to see what possible options may be open to them since many and all of them are closed. What can we expect to happen?

I feel terrible that this young man felt that he had no options. I lay complete and utter blame for this situation at the feet of Ariel Sharon. He has put the Jewish People in an untenable position in which John Locke himself would agree that this government has become tyrannical and has put itself at war with the people. People are willing to overlook the wrongs of government time and time again, but there comes a time when it is impossible to do so. I am certainly not advocating that there should be a coup (G-d forbid) since this would pit Jew against Jew. However this is a reality in which non-violent dissention must be allowed and encouraged in order for the people to feel that they are heard. This is the way of a true democracy.

I pray for this young man. I wish his family comfort with all the mourners of Zion. HaShem should protect us all.

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