05 April 2005


It seems that there are three major events occuring regarding the Gaza retreat. One is that the United States is against the destruction of the Jewish homes left behind. Two is the rumor that Peres is asking the United States to help pay for the resettlement of these Gaza Jews. It also seems to be a given that the U.S. is also going to pay almost a billion dollars to reconstruct Gaza for the new Arab state which will be created.

I have several problems. Number one, as a Jewish-American citizen, why do I care if Israel decides to detroy those houses that those Jews are being forced to abandon? Why should we as Jews hand over anything free of charge to anyone (especially those who still claim to want to destroy us). As an American citizen who pays taxes, I object to paying for any or all of this. I do not want any of my money to pay for the resettlement of Jews to another area. I do not believe they should be removed from their homes in the first place -- why should I resettle them. Next, I'll be darned if I have my money given to the reconstruction of Gaza for the next Arab state. This will make a grand total of 22 Arab states. Wonderful. Why don't I just send Saudi Arabia a donation if I feel like throwing my money down the toilet?

It's not only live Jews that are being removed, it's also the Jews who have been buried there. We are unable to trust our "partners in peace" that these graves will not be desecrated. We've seen it many times before. One example being when Israel handed over the Tomb of Joseph to the "Palestinian Authority", next we see it being destroyed by Arab hands and burned to the ground. Where is the respect for the dead? There is none for the Jewish dead.

There is no respect for the Jewish living or the Jewish dead. This is what the world calls peace. This is what George Orwell would call "doublespeak". This is what I would call "insanity". Start praying.

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