08 May 2016

The Year of the Revolution

Maybe you hadn't noticed but Donald Trump is the Republican nominee. But for some reason, I'm seeing a whole lot of Republicans suggesting a third party run by someone else... anyone else. This doesn't make any sense to me at all. They want to see Hillary Clinton win the Presidency? By not supporting Trump, we are looking at another Clinton presidency.

Democrats support anyone with the letter "D" next to their name, whether they like the person or not. Kudos to them. They like winning. Republicans, on the other hand, if they don't like the person running, they are willing to shoot him down and let the other party win. There's something seriously wrong with this. Do you want to win or not?

It's not even about keeping the party together either. While Trump was not my first choice, I think his candidacy is a good thing for the party. The Republican establishment screwed up - ignoring the pain of the working middle class, not fighting to keep President Obama's agenda from being successful, ostracizing the "tea party" conservatives inside and outside Congress, not fighting to keep the deficit down - the establishment deserves what they are getting, they brought Trump unto themselves. This is a real opportunity to revisit the basics of the Republican platform. What do we stand for? Who do we stand for? But I'm not sure that they even understand why they lost this presidential primary.

If somehow Trump manages to lose the presidential election because of a third party candidate, put up by the Republicans who won't support him, this will prove the point - the establishment is only there for themselves. They will destroy the party themselves, not Trump.

This is the year of the revolution - in both parties. Bernie Sanders, while he seems unable to win in a rigged system, is pulling huge crowds. Clinton is working much harder than she expected, trying to co-opt his successful message to the masses. It looks like the Sanders supporters may be more interested in supporting Trump than Clinton come election day. That "D" may not sway them this time.

This is a year where both parties are going to need to re-evaluate who they are and who they represent. What are their ideologies going forward? The establishment lost on the Republican side of the aisle. The Democratic establishment is barely hanging on.

It's time for Republicans to suck it up and support Trump. Clinton will only continue on the same path of destruction as Obama. How can we let this happen? We can't. We have to win.

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