14 March 2016

Prediction: John Kasich vs. Donald Trump

My prediction is that Governor John Kasich is not going to support Donald Trump if he gets the Republican nomination. I've been thinking this thought the last few days and I think I'm getting "official" confirmation of that tonight... CNN's Anderson Cooper asked Kasich if he'd support Trump if he were the nominee and he declined to answer. Basically he said, we'll see.

If Kasich does announce that he will not support Trump as the nominee, it will open the door to other establishment candidates to announce the same.

I hope Kasich understands that he will be destroying the party when he makes his announcement.


Avi said...

And Rubio is about to give up too on supporting Trump. See https://twitter.com/MSNBC/status/708657520374452224 .

"I hope Kasich understands that he will be destroying the party when he makes his announcement."

I think he knows that. If Trump is the embodiment of the Republican Party, then it's not a party worth keeping. Kasich is probably the best of the Republican candidates, so I'm not surprised (though pleased) to see that he has enough integrity to keep away from Trump. Rubio is a bit of a surprise.

Shira said...

I'm not surprised about Rubio. I feel like he's a pretty straight shooter as well. I've been supporting him up till now. I'm not sure what's going to be once this happens. Maybe it is time for a realignment, we'll see, I need to wrap my mind around that one and see what comes out. Thanks for commenting on the blog :)

Michael Drissman said...

Abba: I think that Rubio and Kasich are strange. How can they destroy the Republican Party knowing that it may very well let t he Democrats last for another 4, perhaps 8 years?? That means the end of the USA. I'd sooner take my chances with Trump than any other candidate, especially a Democrat. Drissman