27 January 2014

My Prediction for the Keystone Pipeline

Recently the Canadian government has been getting tired of waiting for 5 years! (can't image why they might be impatient) to hear from the Obama administration whether or not they will go ahead with the Keystone XL Pipeline that will bring Canadian crude oil to Texas refineries - a project that would bring plenty of much needed jobs and help bring energy independence to the United States.

Of course Secretary of State John Kerry has basically told the Canadians to cool their heals - we aren't ready to make a decision.

My prediction for the Keystone XL Pipeline? President Obama will pass on the project - citing environmental concerns. At this point the Obama administration doesn't have the guts to straight out tell the Canadians that he's not interested. He'd rather be obnoxious and string the Canadians along while he waits for the midterm elections to pass. At that point when there is nothing more for the Democrats to lose, Obama will announce the big news.

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