25 April 2013

Lady Thatcher, "Amateur" Terrorists and Chemical Weapons

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"Amateur" Terrorists
The media keeps portraying the Boston Marathon terrorists as amateurs and recently Vice President Biden even called them "knock-off jihadis". This is stupid. While they were 'only' able to murder three, they injured at least 260 people and at least 14 people had limbs amputated. In the city of Boston a million citizens were locked down during the course of finding these terrorists.

Imagine a dozen "amateurs" on a Saturday night in busy shopping malls spread out across the country... who needs a "professional" terrorist when amateurs would bring bring our way of life to a standstill? Why are we underestimating the 'inspired' Muslim?

Chemical Weapons Used in Syria
They are reporting that it looks like chemical weapons have been used in Syria. President Obama has previously said that such a thing would be a "game changer" - I suppose that means that it would be unacceptable. What's he going to do about it? My answer: Nothing. Just like he'll do nothing about Iran getting a nuclear bomb.

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