23 January 2013

Meet a Real Gun Expert

As someone who has been shooting for over 20 years of my life, it is frustrating to listen to supposed "experts" spout off about what they think they know about guns.  These "experts" are on television daily explaining all about guns - how they shoot, the differences between them, even why people own them, while all the time being incorrect. It's truly amazing. They use gun terminology incorrectly, explain how guns work incorrectly, and have absolutely no understanding why anyone would possibly own one. On top of all that, they then turn around and expect those of us who actually know about guns to take them seriously when they discuss gun control issues. Why should we?

It's always nice to hear intelligent insight when discussing any issue. To talk to someone who actually knows the subject under discussion is unfortunately a rarity. Watching this video of Jessie Duff, a world champion shooter, is really a treat. She understands and explains clearly everything that these gun "experts" do not. No matter what side of the gun issue you are on, it is very worthwhile and educational to watch.

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Jewish Marksman said...

Hi Shira-Would you be interested in being profiled on my blog (about Jews who shoot)? I stumbled onto yours... Sorry to contact you via comments, couldn't find an email address.